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La Inteligencia Emocional en la Empresa

La Inteligencia Emocional en la Empresa

Goleman explores the concept of emotional intelligence applied to the workplace. Those who reach high levels within a company have great control over their emotions. He addresses major issues related to work including the organization of a company ba...

Titulo:La Inteligencia Emocional en la Empresa
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Acerca de Daniel Goleman

Author of Emotional Intelligence and psychologist Daniel Goleman has transformed the way the world educates children, relates to family and friends, and conducts business. The Wall Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers.

    La Inteligencia Emocional en la Empresa Comentarios

  • Chad Warner

    Interpersonal skills are especially important in Information Technology, because purely technical skills are easily outsourced. I've become increasingly aware of this since I launched my technology se...

  • Amit Mishra

    What should I say about this book? Absolutely fabulous delivers what it said. The book develops a conscience in the readers to achieve something greater. As it suggests it is a really groundbreaking b...

  • John

    Because I was working in a testosterone filled hierarchy at the time I read this, it was like being handed a big, secret, club. My coworkers generally didn't know what hit them - using Goleman's analy...

  • Dmitry

    This book discusses a rather important issue, but it is really, really badly written. I was especially underimpressed by it against the backdrop of the recently read "Thinking, fast and slow" by Danie...

  • Brian Bennett

    Read this twice now. No real strategies, just continuous examples of how useful it would be to have high "EQ"...

  • Nga Dao Quynh

    First printed nearly 20 years ago, this book's content can deliver around 50% relevance now I guess, given the mushroom-ing of "emotional intelligence" and other buzzwords that come with it for the la...

  • Ron

    No real rocket science here... Getting ahead may actually count more on your emotional IQ (see items below) than it does on your intellectual IQ. I'd only suggest reading one Goleman book. I suspect t...

  • Muhammad Magdi youssif

    A very BORING book, I couldn't even complete itIn this book Daniel Goleman is explaining how Emotion Quotient (EQ) matters more than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) , then he started to explain the Emotion...

  • Justin

    Working with Emotional Intelligence is a must read for anyone who wants to move up the corporate ladder. Today's business atmosphere is changing rapidly, and anyone without emotional intelligence will...

  • Farhan Khalid

    The book applies lessons from Emotional Intelligence to the workplace exclusivelyAs your career advances, interpersonal skills matter more than cognitive skillsOrganization can optimize its performanc...

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