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Down Comes the Night

Down Comes the Night

He saw the darkness in her magic. She saw the magic in his darkness.

Wren Southerland’s reckless use of magic has cost her everything: she’s been dismissed from the Queen’s Guard and separated from her best friend—the girl she loves. So when a letter arrives from a reclusive lord, asking Wren to come to his estate, Colwick Hall, to cure his servant from a mysterious illness, she seizes her chance to redeem herself.

The mansion is crumbling, icy winds haunt the caved-in halls, and her eccentric host forbids her from leaving her room after dark. Worse, Wren’s patient isn’t a servant at all but Hal Cavendish, the infamous Reaper of Vesria and her kingdom’s sworn enemy. Hal also came to Colwick Hall for redemption, but the secrets in the estate may lead to both of their deaths.

With sinister forces at work, Wren and Hal realize they’ll have to join together if they have any hope of saving their kingdoms. But as Wren circles closer to the nefarious truth behind Hal’s illness, they realize they have no escape from the monsters within the mansion. All they have is each other, and a startling desire that could be their downfall.

Allison Saft’s Down Comes the Night is a snow-drenched romantic fantasy that keeps you racing through the pages long into the night.

Love makes monsters of us all.

Titulo:Down Comes the Night
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Acerca de Allison Saft

Allison Saft was born in a Philadelphia blizzard and has been chasing the sun ever since. After receiving her MA in English Literature from Tulane University, she moved from the Gulf Coast to the West Coast, where she spends her time hiking the redwoods and practicing aerial silks. Down Comes the Night is her debut novel.

    Down Comes the Night Comentarios

  • chai ?

    The premise of Down Comes the Night struck me with a deep allure: two enemies, standing on opposite sides of an endless war, find themselves miserably trapped, like a pair of pinned moths, with unknow...

  • Miranda Reads

    Niece of the Queen, Wren Southerland has always felt herself a burden. Her parents are gone, her family is gone (except the Queen) so she realized pretty early on that she needed to make herself u...

  • Melissa ? Dog/Wolf Lover ? Martin

    I’ve had a hard time trying to rate this book. I did not like the beginning of the book. In my opinion, this is just a murder mystery. There is a castle and it had the opportunity to be a gothic sto...

  • Robin

    ↠ 4 starsThere's something about being trapped inside a crumbling mansion with your sworn enemy that can actually be so personal. After Wren Southerland is suspended from the queen's guard for her r...

  • megs_bookrack

    Wren Southerland is a magical healer and also the niece of the Queen of Danu, but that hasn't won her any favors. In fact, after her mother's untimely death, her Aunt has consistently treated her very...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Okay! There are gothic, disturbing vibes, a blooming true romance, hateful kingdoms, references to Darwin’s theory of natural selection and Frankenstein and pure magic dances with fantasy genre. Thi...

  • may ?

    well... say hello to my first disappointing book of the year!2.5 stars, rtc// buddy read with cath!...

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    Happy Pub Day! Now available to purchase."Whatever is done unto you, let it be repaid thrice over."Gothic fantasy, romance, a murder mystery, what else could you possibly want from a book? The enemies...

  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)

    A DARK GOTHIC FANTASY REMINISCENT OF GUILLERMO DEL TORO (WITH A BISEXUAL MC AND LOTS OF PINING)?? YES I SAY, VERY MUCH YES(this book is my literal brand)edit: look at that cover, gothic vibes abounddd...

  • Mara YA Mood Reader

    Even the synopsis is atmospheric! Gives me eerie and wintry chills! Oh 2021-Young Adult, please don’t let me down!!...

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