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Resiliencia (Serie Inteligencia Emocional de HBR)

Resiliencia (Serie Inteligencia Emocional de HBR)

¿Cómo hacen algunas personas para superar con entereza las adversidades de la vida, las crisis profesionales o, incluso, graves traumas personales? Este libro revela los rasgos sobresalientes de aquellos que salen fortalecidos de los desafíos, ayuda a entrenar el cerebro para soportar las tensiones de la vida diaria y proporciona un método para rehacer eficazmente una carrera profesional. Este título incluye artículos de: Daniel Goleman, Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld y Shawn Achor.
La serie Inteligencia Emocional de HBR ofrece una selección de lecturas inteligentes y esenciales sobre los aspectos humanos de la vida profesional extraídas de artículos de la Harvard Business Review. Cada libro de esta serie presenta investigaciones contrastadas que muestran cómo las emociones intervienen en nuestra vida laboral. Además, ofrece consejos prácticos para coordinar a equipos y gestionar situaciones conflictivas, y textos estimulantes que ayudan a conseguir el bienestar emocional en el trabajo. Inspiradores y prácticos, estos libros definen las habilidades sociales que cualquier profesional debe dominar.

Titulo:Resiliencia (Serie Inteligencia Emocional de HBR)
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Acerca de Daniel Goleman

Author of Emotional Intelligence and psychologist Daniel Goleman has transformed the way the world educates children, relates to family and friends, and conducts business. The Wall Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers.

    Resiliencia (Serie Inteligencia Emocional de HBR) Comentarios

  • Abeer Abdullah

    From late 2017 until mid 2019 I've gone through a massive transition,brought on both by age and life events, as I am still in the middle of this transition its a bit difficult to comment on it. Enteri...

  • Barry

    I received a free ARC of this via Netgalley.I was a little disappointed with this book. Harvard Business Review are collating articles around grouped emotional intelligence / soft skills and packaging...

  • Trinh Chau

    Resilience is the ability to emerge stronger from challenges 1. How to bounce back?- Facing down reality - Have a deep belief, often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningful- Posses...

  • Said AlMaskery

    A collection of few articles on Resilience. This book is not a self-help book, but rather an academic and practical summary of what resilience is from a business prespective. It also gives some guidan...

  • S.

    Lovely short chapters. I guess that one of the articles cited there was already in my previous read of the series : Mindfulness. This one came with simple steps and guidelines on how to be resilient, ...

  • Joy

    Disappointing. The book has 6 essays. #1 and #6 were 3 stars, and the essays in between were really fairly poor. I was screening this book with hopes of reading it together with coworkers, but all in ...

  • Laura Polding

    2.5 stars, see quote highlights below:Resilient people… possess three characteristics: a staunch acceptance of reality; a deep belief, often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningf...

  • Ashley

    So I bought a business book. And I read it.The airport bookstore had a section of Harvard Business Review essays and the Emotional Intelligence topics were actually of interest. Since I've never taken...

  • Siddharth Sharma

    HBR collections are generally good reads - strong analysis-backed perspectives and take an academic view of the topic. I liked #4 and #6 the most. - former is about how to give and take feedback at wo...

  • Kara

    Favorite quotes: Three pillars of Resilience- A staunch acceptance of reality- A deep belief, often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningful- An uncanny ability to improvise"We trai...

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