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Becoming Madame Mao

Becoming Madame Mao

This is an evocation of the woman who married Chairman Mao and fought to succeed him. The unwanted daughter of a concubine, she refused to have her feet bound, ran away to join an opera troupe and eventually met Mao Zedong in the mountains of Yenan....

Titulo:Becoming Madame Mao
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Acerca de Anchee Min

was born in Shanghai in 1957. At seventeen she was sent to a labor collective, where a talent scout for Madame Mao's Shanghai Film Studio recruited her to work as a movie actress. She moved to the United States in 1984. Her first memoir,

    Becoming Madame Mao Comentarios

  • Mariel

    Who knew Chairman Mao was so hot? Oh that was shameless, Mariel. Way to start off a book review! With sex! Bad, bad, bad. Historical figures shouldn't be used to write cheesey love scenes. They should...

  • alana Semuels

    This gets two stars instead of the one it probably deserves because it's an interesting premise. A human side to Madame Mao. But its told in three different voices -- often on the same page -- which m...

  • Kevin Barrett

    I loved it. It combines three things I love; China, historical fiction, and a strong female lead. This book is written as if it were a memoir of the wife of Mao Zidong. Anchee Min pieced the story tog...

  • Alex

    Part of my Fall 2017 Best Of Chinese Literature project; more here, and a cool list of books here.Crafty and ruthless Madame Mao bent the best artists of her generation to creating propaganda musicals...

  • Nicolebroadwater

    I have read several books by Anchee Min and this by far is the worst. I enjoyed all of her other books so I kept reading this book thinking it would get better yet it never did. She switches from thir...

  • Jen Johnson

    Meh*I remember when I said 'meh'*She said 'meh'...

  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks

    This was a tough read, and not for just the contents alone. It's written in an odd way, where every other paragraph alternates between third person and first person. It was really odd to keep switchin...

  • Freesiab (Bookish Review)

    I love this author normally but this book was blah. The first half was fantastic. Around 70% it lost me. I guess the history of Chairman Mao and communism wasn't as interesting as it sounded. Although...

  • Louise

    It's hard to imagine more complex subject matter. Anchee Min deserves credit for her efforts. Using the first and third person she tells the story from what may be Jaing Qing's point of view. The thir...

  • Shelly

    I really like Anchee Min and was excited to read this book. However, i couldn't even get half way through. The style of writing was very dry and at times confusing, as it kept switching from 3rd perso...

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