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Una espía en casa

Una espía en casa

Mary, una niña huérfana que lucha por sobrevivir en los bajos fondos del Londres victoriano, es milagrosamente rescatada por una misteriosa organización de morir en la horca a manos de la justicia británica. Años después, convertida ya en una joven de diecisiete años, Mary Quinn recibe una oferta tentadora: entrar a formar parte de la Agencia, una organización al servicio de Su Majestad que instruye a diversas mujeres para desempeñar funciones como detectives y espías.

En mayo de 1858, Mary Quinn acepta su primer trabajo como detective en un turbulento caso de tráfico de mercancias y malversación de fondos en el que deberá hacerse pasar por dama de compañía de la señorita Angélica Thorold. Lo que Mary no sabe es que el caso que tiene entre manos le permitirá descubrir los aspectos más oscuros de su olvidado y traumático pasado en los muelles de Londres.

Titulo:Una espía en casa
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Y.S. Lee

Y S Lee was born in Singapore, raised in Vancouver and Toronto, and lived for a spell in England. As she completed her PhD in Victorian literature and culture, she began to research a story about a girl detective in 1850s London. The result was her debut novel, The Agency: A Spy in the House. This won the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s inaugural John Spray Mystery Award in 2011.

    Una espía en casa Comentarios

  • Wendy Darling

    I really, really wanted to like this book. I'm a fan of novels set during the Victorian era, as I've always been very interested in how thinking, reasoning people-especially women--manage to survive i...

  • Phrynne

    Having accidentally read book three in this series first I went back and read this one - book one. It's always better to begin at the beginning.It was nice to see how Mary began her career and how and...

  • Krystle

    Dude, this book rocked my world in all sorts of ways. Asian-American (Woops sorry, she's Asian-Canadian actually) author? Bingo! Asian-ish character? Double bingo! Feisty main character with an even ...

  • David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party

    Mary Quinn displays plenty of charm and wit while working as A Spy In The House. Sadly, tiresome cliches and one-dimensional supporting characters prevent this good read from becoming a great one! It'...

  • TL

    Not bad but not great either... the old/classic "good idea but not great execution"The premise itself sounded interesting but I couldn't get invested in it. We move too quickly from one event to the n...

  • Sesana

    I like the basic concept of The Agency. A group of female spies in Victorian England! It sounds fabulous. A woman posing as a servant, a governess, for example, or a lady's maid or companion, could ov...

  • Nafiza

    This read like a dream. Yes, I said it. Now if you are anything like me and your bibliophilic life started with raunchy mills and boons (Australian and Kiwi editions) and then widened to include histo...

  • Minli

    Oh, the Agency. I read you in hopes of reading a version of the Gallagher Girls (spy school!) in the Victorian period (petticoats!), but alas. Here are the ways in which you disappointed me:1. You pla...

  • Sharon

    I like it. It was interesting. I love the spying and espionage aspect. Also, I have never seen a heroine with a Chinese heritage (she's mixed) in a Victoria era novel before. The love interest, James,...

  • Priscilla

    Quick paced, fun, and yes, a cute mystery read! Ah, YA, you are my comfort zone. :)Initial Thoughts:1. Great female protagonist! Mary Quinn is strong, independent, determined, and a smart character. S...

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