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Museum Registration Methods

Museum Registration Methods

The first new edition in a decade of this famous "Bible of the museum registrar." Rewritten, expanded and fully updated, MRM5 encompasses all that needs to be known and done when a museum accessions, measures, marks, moves, displays or stores an object or artifact of any kind. MRM5 includes expert advice from more than 60 acknowledged leaders in their disciplines. New with the 5th Edition are special teaching sections that challenge students and seasoned staff alike with questions about the process and procedures of accessioning and caring for objects. Contains bibliography, glossary and multiple sample forms. MRM5 continues a tradition of museum publishing that began with the inaugural edition in 1958.

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    Museum Registration Methods Comentarios

  • Doria

    Yowzers, this book is extremely thorough. It’s absolutely a no-stone-left-unturned kind of resource, but I’d expect no less from museum registrars, who are some of the most thorough and exacting a...

  • Britta

    So many typos! I can't believe professional editors read through this thing. Also, very repetitive. That being said, it's very thorough. Probably best used as a reference to look up a specific topic o...

  • Sharon Michelle

    This book was my textbook for a museum collections class that I took. It does an excellent job of detailing how museums function and describing the roles of museum workers....

  • Adrianna Scibor

    Just as a previous reviewer said: this is literally the museum registrar's bible. I am currently enrolled in the MA in Museum Studies program at GW and I had to buy this book for one of my classes. Be...

  • Carrie

    That my job is awesome, people don't get how awesome and that if I didn't do it the museum would burst into flames. ...

  • Tina

    Two words encapsulate this entire book: Museum Bible. ...

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