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Los escarabajos vuelan al atardecer

Los escarabajos vuelan al atardecer

Tres muchachos aceptan el encargo de cuidar, durante el verano, las flores de una casa deshabitada. Fascinados por el misterio de ésta, la exploran. En el desván encuentran un paquete de cartas. Fueron escritas por Andreas y su hermana Magdalena en el siglo XVIII, e iban dirigidas a Emilie. Hablan de las ideas de Andreas, de sus relaciones amorosas con Emilie y del trágico fin de los dos, debido al maleficio de una estatua funeraria que Andreas había traído de Egipto y sobre la que pesaba una maldición. Los jóvenes inician juntos una búsqueda en la que recibirán pistas de origen misterioso, se verán envueltos en aventuras insólitas y harán descubrimientos desconcertantes.

Titulo:Los escarabajos vuelan al atardecer
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Maria Gripe

Maria Gripe, born Maja Stina Walter (25 July 1923, Vaxholm, Uppland – 5 April 2007, Rönninge), was a Swedish author of books for children and young people, often written in a magical and mystical tone. In 1946 she married the artist Harald Gripe, who created cover illustrations for most of her books. His illustration career, in fact, began in connection with his wife's debut as author of I vår lil

    Los escarabajos vuelan al atardecer Comentarios

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    Tordyveln flyger I Skymningen (roughly translated to “The Dor beetle flying in the twilight”) is a Swedish YA book written by Maria Gripe, one of, in my opinion greatest YA author ever. She has wr...

  • Rebecka

    This is another children's book that I read too late. At 10, I would probably have been fascinated by it, whereas now I'm more or less indifferent. The original radio version from the late 70s was pro...

  • Stig Edvartsen

    I read this as a child and heard the radio-play. This has kept surprisingly well. It's still eerie and magical. ...

  • Francisca

    This is pretty funny, because I had to read this book for school (I wasn't much of a bookworm at 12, lol, actually, I didn't read at all) Thing is, I REAAALLY didn't wanna read it (the title isn't vee...

  • Iselin

    Oh. my. God! I don't know where to begin?I just read the last few pagesHow could they do this to me?Okey, let me back up and collect myself a little bitThis book is a childhood favorite of mine - but ...

  • Ettlitetylle

    I read this book when I was about 11 years old, and I remember I really liked it, it felt magical. However as an adult, although I enjoyed reading it again (as an audiobook this time) I did not feel t...

  • Swuun

    Tordyveln flyger i skymningen is a YA book from 1978. The first time I read I was in my very early teens, and it enchanted me. It's not a fantasy book, not as such. The setting is a modern time small ...

  • Erika Johansson

    I remember my teacher reading this to my class when I was in elementary school and I was absolutely fascinated by it, but I missed out on a lot of parts and the ending as well so I really wanted to re...

  • gina

    A childhood favorite that deserved a reread. This time together with my 11 year old son. I didn’t remember everything so it was still captivating. It is a book from 1978, so my son was also getting ...

  • Noa

    This one is the kind of book that I just don't get. The plot is exquisite and the story is amazing... until you get to the end. How can such a book end this way? I didn't give it the five stars becaus...

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