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Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History

Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History

On February 15, 2003, a group of thieves broke into an allegedly airtight vault in the international diamond capital of Antwerp, Belgium and made off with over $108 million dollars worth of diamonds and other valuables. They did so without tripping an alarm or injuring a single guard in the process.

Although the crime was perfect, the getaway was not. The police zeroed in on a band of professional thieves fronted by Leonardo Notarbartolo, a dapper Italian who had rented an office in the Diamond Center and clandestinely cased its vault for over two years.  The “who” of the crime had been answered, but the “how” remained largely a mystery.

Enter Scott Andrew Selby, a Harvard Law grad and diamond expert, and Greg Campbell, author of Blood Diamonds, who undertook a global goose chase to uncover the true story behind the daring heist. Tracking the threads of the story throughout Europe—from Belgium to Italy, in seedy cafés and sleek diamond offices—the authors sorted through an array of conflicting details, divergent opinions and incongruous theories to put together the puzzle of what actually happened that Valentine’s Day weekend.

This real-life Ocean’s Eleven—a combination of diamond history, journalistic reportage, and riveting true-crime story—provides a thrilling in-depth study detailing the better-than-fiction heist of the century.

Titulo:Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History
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Acerca de Scott Andrew Selby

I'm a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Law School. I also have a master’s degree in Human Rights and Intellectual Property Law from Sweden’s Lund University, where I wrote his thesis on diamonds. I am licensed to practice law in California and New York.

    Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History Comentarios

  • Jill Hutchinson

    This book could have had an alternate title called "Brilliant" as it certainly falls into that category. In 2003, the largest diamond heist in history occurred and the author delights the reader with...

  • Alex Givant

    Excellent account on Antwerp diamont heist. I always amazed how much efforts and thinking criminals put in some high-value heists. Interesting facts about diamond industry too!...

  • Carlos

    4.5 starts for this one . What makes this book a good one is the fact that this actually happened, a group of people robbed the diamond center in Antwerp and made out with almost 500000 $ in diamonds ...

  • Lewis Weinstein

    a fascinating story ... an incredible plan methodically prepared and executed ... one critical mistake ... and the loot was never recovered ... ...

  • Lisa

    I got this eBook free via Barnes & Noble on Facebook! It's a good read so far -- has the feel of Ocean's 11, except it's a true story. I'm learning a lot of things that I didn't know about the Antwerp...

  • Yibbie

    For a book about a fabulous diamond heist, I found large sections rather boring. It was informative almost exhaustively so. For example, I can understand why you need to understand the recent politic...

  • Whitney

    Being largest diamond heist in history- really, one of the largest heists ever, this book is inherently interesting. It answers the burning questions like, how did they do it? Did they get caught? Alt...

  • Vicky Hunt

    High Tech Security Rendered Worthless with Hairspray, Electrical Tape, and StyrofoamWhether family heirlooms, personal investments, corporate diamond industry products, blood diamonds, war/ conflict d...

  • Jacob

    This was a decent account of a very interesting crime. I guess I expected the story to be somewhat similar to the movie of the same name, but it was totally different. In fact, the only thing similar ...

  • Fred Hughes

    This is a fairly detailed account of the world's largest diamond heist.The thieves made a couple of minor mistakes and were caught and served their time.But the diamonds were never recoveredFun book...

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