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The Life of My Choice

The Life of My Choice

Wilfred Thesiger is the last of the great British eccentric explorers, renowned for his travels through some of the most inaccessible places on earth. As a child in Abyssinia he watched the glorious armies of Ras Tafari returning from hand-to-hand battle, their prisoners in chains; at the age of 23 he made his first expedition into the country of the Danakil, a murderous race among whom a man's status in the tribe depended on the number of men he had killed and castrated. His books, "Arabian Sands" and "The Marsh Arabs", tell of his two sojourns in the Empty Quarter and the Marshes of Southern Iraq. In this autobiography, Wilfred Thesiger highlights the people who most profoundly influenced him and the events which enabled him to lead the life of his choice.

Titulo:The Life of My Choice
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Acerca de Wilfred Thesiger

Sir Wilfred Patrick Thesiger, KBE, DSO, MA, DLitt, FRAS, FRSL, FRGS, FBA, was a British explorer and travel writer born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

    The Life of My Choice Comentarios

  • Jan-Maat

    Wilfred Thesiger wrote two notable travel books Arabian Sands & The Marsh Arabs. Arabian Sands tells the story of his exploration of the Empty Quarter - a vast area of desert in southern Saudi Arabia ...

  • Shovelmonkey1

    I don't read a lot of autobiographies or biographies (if you ignore the fact that I recently reviewed Jordan's autobiography). I'm not sure why this is. As a general rule of thumb I'm inherently nosey...

  • Philip

    Some readers may be aware of the kind of boys’ adventure story that was popular around the middle years of the last century. Set in a far off colony, surrounded by veritable hordes of colour and dre...

  • DoctorM

    Let's just admit it: if you're male, you want to be Wilfred Thesiger. You do. Born to British diplomatic family in Abyssinia early in the century, growing up in a dying Edwardian world, then a life ab...

  • Lalitha

    Being an explorer in uncharted territories where no man has gone before is a dream for many but only a few dare to achieve that dream. One of the last greatest explorers of lands which hitherto had be...

  • Richard Bartholomew

    At the close of his memoir, Wilfred Thesiger describes himself as "perhaps the last explorer in the tradition of the past", whose feats of endurance took him to the remotest parts of East Africa and A...

  • Anne Ruff

    This book provided my first vicarious travel to Ethiopia. I poached the book off a wonderful friend's bookcase when I was living in Bangkok. The experience of living in a foreign land and reading abou...

  • Philip

    Just an awesome individual, who along with such other characters as Francis Younghusband, Roy Chapman Andrews, Peter Fleming and Richard Burton, makes me feel like a total failure in life (but somehow...

  • Eric Pape

    Thesiger is a giant amongst explorers, This book is excellent focusing on the man and his motives as much as his incredible acheivements. I was stuck in hospital for a few days recently and could read...

  • Kiragu

    The story is well told and I got to learn a bit about the recent history of Ethiopia and Sudan. Unfortunately, it seems the most important activity of the writer was to kill wild animals in his glorif...

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