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Lily Carlyle has lied, cheated, and stolen her way through life.

But in death, she'll really get to be bad...

When her little sister is brutalized, a vengeful Lily determines to exact her own justice. She succeeds at the cost of her own life, but as she lies dying, she is given a second chance. Lily can earn her way into Paradise by becoming an assassin for the forces of good.

It's the job Lily believes she can really get into--but she doesn't realize that she may not be able to get out.

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Acerca de Julie Kenner

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

    Tainted Comentarios

  • Katie(babs)

    Lily has gone to kill her fourteen year old sister’s rapist. She is able to kill Lucas Johnson with a gunshot, or so she thinks, but her act also backfires on her as she lies dying in a pool of her ...

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review

    3.5 Stars!Good start to a paranormal series. It has a few things I love to see. The tough heroine who is strong and can take down evil, the dangerous hero who has a darkness to him but wants to be a g...

  • Annika

    Okay... for this review, please bear in mind that I'm currently very hard to please. I haven't been reading much for the past 8 months or so due to a terrible (book) funk I can't seem to shed, so the ...

  • Jess

    It grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go until the book was done. There were many twists and turns and the author wrote a compelling storyline, and had me questioning all the characters to f...

  • Ithlilian

    As with many of the urban fantasy books I've been reading lately, I was really looking forward to reading Tainted. I actually got excited when I saw this sitting on the shelf in the library, and I cou...

  • Dirty Dayna

    4 Revenge Killing Stars I love J. Kenner/Julie Kenner however the pen name is given. I have actually never read any paranormal by her and I am actually quite impressed with how this turned out. Lily...

  • harlequin {Stephanie}

    Started to unravel after the first dozen pages. The romance occurs at mach speed with a tag along. An awkward love triangle considering she doesn't even like the second guy.Not the most inventive stor...

  • Susan

    Born in Darkness is the first in the Redemption Chronicle series. Lily dies trying to avenge her sister and somehow now she’s back fighting evil. I did have a hard time getting into the story at the...

  • Donna

    Do you think the difference between good and evil is as simple as black and white? Well think again. Lily finds out that she can be good by being bad as an assassin for God. After Lily kills her siste...

  • Cathy

    Of all of the urban fantasy I've read, this one comes closest to Buffy. Which is not actually a bad thing. Buffy was great, with wonderful characters and emotional stories that really connected with t...

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