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Una botella al mar de Gaza

Una botella al mar de Gaza

Bottle in the Gaza Sea should be THE novel for teens on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. When teen Tal Levine witnesses a bombing in Tel Aviv, she becomes despondent. Like so many people, she wants Israel and Palestine to live in peace. One day she puts her hopes into a letter, places the letter into a bottle, and gives it to her brother, asking him to toss it into the Gaza Sea. A young man in Gaza finds the bottle, and responds. He is critical, angry, annoyed at first, but eventually they both participate in a friendship that ultimately opens their eyes.

Titulo:Una botella al mar de Gaza
Idioma de edición:Spanish
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Acerca de Valérie Zenatti

Valérie Zenatti was born in Nice on April Fool’s Day 1970. When she was thirteen she went to live with her parents in Israel, where she did her national service, which inspired her memoir, When I was a Soldier. Even now she doesn’t go out without her survival kit — these days of a book, a notepad and a pen. Valérie now lives in Paris, where she works as a translator of Hebrew. She is also writing

    Una botella al mar de Gaza Comentarios

  • Tasha

    This was such a quick and also lovely read. Also a bit sad. I kinda wish it was a bit longer but I still enjoyed it!...

  • Ari

    3.5/5The author is an Israeli and I personally thought it showed. Her portrayal of "Gazaman" felt incomplete. I might be being too hasty but I was annoyed that "Gazaman" was so down on his faith and a...

  • Laura

    *I watched the movie based on this book, so the review below is in relation to the movie not the book.Tal is a seventeen-year-old girl who has moved to Jerusalem with her family. One day there is a su...

  • Diana H.

    "Je voudrais ne plus être moi, pour quelque temps. Me reposer de ma mémoire." I think we all should pick this up.We need to be reminded that we are all human and we hurt the same...I will definitely...

  • Vanessa Ehrlich

    This was a quick read, and being YA it should be. I thought it presented both sides of the conflict in Israel and gives good narratives. It tells a story and makes you feel like you know both main cha...

  • Nicole Nicole Nicole

    Tal better go to rome or i don’t know ...

  • Corinne Edwards

    I'm giving this book five stars, not merely because of the level of writing (which is quite good) but more because of the depth of the issues that Zenatti has tackled and the grace with which she tack...

  • Beth

    A Bottle in the Gaza Sea By: Valerie Zenatti Tal, an Israeli teenage girl, writes a letter promoting peace with Palestine. She puts this letter in a bottle and asks her brother to throw it in the Gaza...

  • Jordan Croom

    In the midst of a tumultuous situation in Palestine, a young Israeli teenage girl searches out for peace in difficult times. Not expecting anyone to reply, the girl, Tal asks her brother to place a le...

  • Happy (spread The Word)

    This was a wonderful book. The author did such a great job of painting pictures in my mind and vividly describing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ***Before reading this book, I would do some researc...

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