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His Compass

His Compass

Tom has one rule: don’t sleep with the crew. A second chance with a younger, gorgeous deckhand tempts him to break it.

After a busy season as a charter-hire skipper, Tom yearns for some downtime. His lonely heart also aches for adventure with someone special, but paying his bills has to come first. A surprise sailing contract and huge bonus offer his first glimpse of freedom for years. There’s only one catch: he must crew with Nick, a deckhand who jumped ship once already.

Nick’s as young and untested as the new yacht they’re contracted to sail, and he’s just as gorgeous. Forced to spend a month as Nick's captain, Tom discovers depths he hadn’t noticed. He’s captivated, and happier sailing with Nick than he’s been in forever. However, their voyage is finite, and both men keep soul-deep secrets.

As the contract draws to an end, they must get honest about what’s in their hearts if they want to share a life at sea, and love, forever.

Featuring an age gap that’s only a number, forced proximity that makes hiding attraction impossible, and a yacht that’s nothing but trouble, His Compass is the second novel in the His Contemporary MM Romance series from Con Riley.

♥ This shared-world series starts with His Horizon, but each book follows a different couple, and can be enjoyed as a standalone novel complete with a fulfilling happily ever after. ♥

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Acerca de Con Riley

    His Compass Comentarios

  • Cadiva

    Disclaimer: I alpha read for Con for this one, however all the amazing words are hers alone.***This is a beautifully written book which looks at the intimacy of not only a physical journey helming a y...

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Slow, somewhat confusing. With this author, I tend to either love the books or DNF them. DNF at 34% with no rating. ...

  • True Loveislovereview

    I’m not sure where to start, the author put so many breathtaking moments into this story.I’ll try to give an impression.Tom has to test a yacht and will gain a lot of money on it. The money he nee...

  • Sheri

    Sorry, just a sec… *deep breath* Okay, thanks, I needed that. In all honesty, this might be a bit of a mess. I promise I will try and contain myself but there are no guarantees. Tom and Nick’s sto...

  • Bev

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Truly delightful, well-written, full of feels, and a much, much better read for me than His Horizon. Great characters [LOVED Mitch so much, and can only hope the next story is his...unl...

  • Con Riley

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  • Pjm12

    Even though I have started to realise I am not a huge fan of the age gap trope, it was not the major issue here, so it didn't affect my enjoyment.Loved all the sailing, the (successful) attempts by To...

  • Caz

    I've given this an A- at AAR, 4.5 stars rounded up.His Compass – the second book in Con Riley’s  His  series – is a beautifully written, emotionally charged May/December love story featurin...

  • Elsbeth

    What to say? This was different in what I usually read. It took me a long time to get into it. Probably because of the terms of sailing. I know nothing about sailing. The scenery was amazing though. I...

  • Layla

    I received an ARC from GRR in exchange for an honest review. This was soooo much better than book 1. I liked both characters and sympathized with both of them as well... their insecurities, their inte...

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