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This Magnificent Dappled Sea

This Magnificent Dappled Sea

Two strangers—generations and oceans apart—have a chance to save each other in this moving and suspenseful novel about family secrets and the ineffable connections that attach us.

In a small Northern Italian village, nine-year-old Luca Taviano catches a stubborn cold and is subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. His only hope for survival is a bone marrow transplant. After an exhaustive search, a match turns up three thousand miles away in the form of a most unlikely donor: Joseph Neiman, a rabbi in Brooklyn, New York, who is suffering from a debilitating crisis of faith. As Luca’s young nurse, Nina Vocelli, risks her career and races against time to help save the spirited redheaded boy, she uncovers terrible secrets from World War II—secrets that reveal how a Catholic child could have Jewish genes.

Can inheritance be transcended by accidents of love? That is the question at the heart of This Magnificent Dappled Sea, a novel that challenges the idea of identity and celebrates the ties that bind us together.

Titulo:This Magnificent Dappled Sea
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Acerca de David Biro

David Biro is a doctor and a writer. He practices in Bay Ridge and is a Professor of Dermatology and the Medical Humanities at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY.

    This Magnificent Dappled Sea Comentarios

  • Greta Samuelson

    Are you a perfect match? I was! I was a bone marrow donor for a stranger in another country in the early 90’s - around the same time Luca needed a bone marrow match and Joseph was that match. This i...

  • Stephanie Benson

    This book is much like an ill made burrito. All the meat and good stuff was up front and only a shell left in the back. The last 100 pages usually are the most interesting, the most intense, but at th...

  • Elissa Douglas

    I enjoyed this book immensely. I loved seeing how the lives of people from across the world connected and impacted each other. I stayed up most of the night to finish the book. ...

  • MC

    I was disappointed with this book. It started well and had a good story to tell but lost momentum about half way and then just petered out. I found the writing quite stilted and sometimes it read like...

  • Sherry Gravot

    Revealed new areas of history that I had not been aware of before.I liked the way the author weaved together the story of the two main characters on two continents but brought them together in such a ...

  • J.S.

    Nine year-old Luca Taviano is a spirited young child, growing up in a small northern Italian village, until he catches a cold that won't go away. It turns out Luca has a form of leukemia that doesn't ...

  • Kris Diller

    I thought the book was just fair. It just met the parameter where I feel it worthwhile to finish it as opposed to abandoning it as not worth my time. The premise was interesting but it devolved into c...

  • Barb

    This novel overflowed with potential and fell flat. I am not someone who seeks a happy ending, but I am a firm believer in a novel’s resolution, and this story had none. Every character, conflict, a...

  • Chris Lindner

    An Amazon prime first read book. I felt it was just okay for me. I felt the pacing was a bit disjointed, as the first 1/4 of the story engaged me, moving well. However, from then on, parts moved slow,...

  • Cathie Stumpenhaus

    A story relevant to today’s issues. Well written with well developed characters. A page turner. I learned new things about events from in Europe during the 1940s. And gathered some nuggets of inform...

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