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Shine your Icy Crown

Shine your Icy Crown

“Make them rue the day they underestimated you.”This is a story about not letting society dictate the limits of your potential. it’s time to take back your power & realize that you don’t need a king in order to be a queen....

Titulo:Shine your Icy Crown
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Amanda Lovelace

growing up a word-devourer & avid fairy tale lover, it was only natural that amanda lovelace began writing books of her own, & so she did. when she isn't reading or writing, she can be found waiting for pumpkin spice coffee to come back into season & binge-watching gilmore girls. (before you ask: team jess all the way). the lifelong poetess & storyteller currently lives in new jersey with her fian

    Shine your Icy Crown Comentarios

  • Olivia (Stories For Coffee)

    I found my first favorite read of 2021. I’d highlight my favorite passages, but then it’d be just a neon book. There are so many universal truths woven into this poetry collection, especially trut...

  • Reading_ Tam_ Ishly

    I want to quote so many pages! But let's wait until the book comes out.Damn. That's what a queen speaks to the other queens. Seriously, this collection speaks volumes on how women see other women, how...

  • rayne ? [ IG: rayne.reads ]

    ❝ her parents screams at her more than they ever told her they loved you. ❞ — disappointmentI CAN RELATE TO THIS BOOK SO MUCH IT'S LIKE THE AUTHOR REACHED INTO MY MIND AND STOLE MY THOUGHTS AND...

  • sarah

    “here, sisters make up a large part of the magic. but that’s the case so much of the time, isn’t it?”Shine Your Icy Crown is the first Amanda Lovelace collection I have read, and while it wasn...

  • Renata

    Oficially I declare myself Amanda Lovelace fan #1 there's nothing this mastermind can write and me not reading it or not liking it?? Even since I checked the books that were going to be published in J...

  • Dannii Elle

    "We are not defined by the love our family could or could not give us. we are defined, instead, by the people we consciously become in spite of them - the kindness we show others, the forgiveness we g...

  • Emma

    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. they slept the way otters do -holding hands, so as never to lose the other.-sisters. I think this m...

  • ? jules ?

    "you are your own empress, you are your own high priestess. you are your own goddess. your independence will intimidate some - it might even offend others. let it. that's their own problem, not yours...

  • Madara

    I've heard so many good things about amanda lovelace and her poetry, so I was excited when I saw her nevest collection on NetGalley. And to be honest? This wasn't for me. And I'm not sure I'd call thi...

  • Mariah

    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley.3.5 RTC...

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