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The Woman in the Moonlight

The Woman in the Moonlight

A stirring and romantic historical novel about nineteenth-century Vienna and the tragedy and dynamic passion that inspired Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Vienna, 1800. Countess Julie Guicciardi’s life is about to change forever. The spirited eighteen-year-old is taking piano lessons with Ludwig van Beethoven, the most talented piano virtuoso in the musical capital of Europe. She is captivated by his volatile genius, while he is drawn to her curiosity and disarming candor. Between them, a unique romance. But Beethoven has a secret he’s yet to share, and Julie is harboring a secret of her own, one so scandalous it could destroy their perfect love story.

When Beethoven discovers the truth, he sets his emotions to music, composing a mournful opus that will become the Moonlight Sonata. The haunting refrain will follow Julie for the rest of her life.

Set against the rich backdrop of nineteenth-century Vienna, The Woman in the Moonlight is an exhilarating ode to eternal passion. An epic tale of love, loss, rivalry, and political intrigue. A stirring portrait of a titan who wrestled with the gods and a woman who defied convention to inspire him.

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    The Woman in the Moonlight Comentarios

  • Jamie Jack

    Disappointing Read of the Passion and Pathos Behind the Moonlight SonataAs someone who took piano lessons from childhood on, I've always had a particular love of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. So ...

  • Ashley Danielle

    DNF at 15%. I really wanted to love this novel. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, and I was very excited to read about Vienna in the 1800s since that is not a very common setting. The storyline...

  • Carolyn

    In The Woman in the Moonlight, Patricia Morrisroe offers a spellbinding gift to all who treasure Beethoven’s music. Through her narrator Julie Guicciardi - a young woman drawn to, confounded and at ...

  • Glynnis Oconnor

    The Woman in the Moonlight is a sumptuous, riveting, and totally satisfying read.Curiosity about Julie Guicciardi initially drew me to this book. What a remarkable, fascinating woman, who captured the...

  • Paula Resnick

    I couldn’t put this book down! It was a beautifully written story with fascinating characters and a wonderful journey to early 19th century Europe. Not to be missed!...

  • Carol Mauro

    Unfulfilled love on so many levels....Julie, Josephine, Beethoven, Robert, Friedrich! It seemed everyone was either having sex with someone or having someone else's baby within the royal families of E...

  • Hope

    An interesting read for fans of Beethoven’s music and the times he lived in. The tone verges on melodramatic....

  • thebookconfessions

    I was drawn to this book just by the amazing premise it had. It just sounded really intriguing.I did enjoyed this book, I devoured it fast but I do feel it could've been so much more. It's interesting...

  • Mark

    When historical novels are well done, I love them…and when done poorly, I loathe them: it takes real skill to paint the details of the era so fully and convincingly that you’re drawn in to a diffe...

  • Sally Koslow

    Beyond his exquisite music, I knew little of Ludwig von Beethoven and came to The Woman in the Moonlight with curiosity that was richly rewarded by Patricia Morrisroe's debut novel. The thwarted love ...

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