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Deeply personal and powerfully moving, a short and timely series of essays on the experience of lock down, by one of the most clear-sighted and essential writers of our time

“There will be many books written about the year 2020: historical, analytic, political and comprehensive accounts. This is not any of those—the year isn’t half-way done. What I’ve tried to do is organize some of the feelings and thoughts that events, so far, have provoked in me, in those scraps of time the year itself has allowed. These are above all personal essays: small by definition, short by necessity.”

Crafted with the sharp intelligence, wit and style that have won Zadie Smith millions of fans, and suffused with a profound intimacy and tenderness in response to these unprecedented times, Intimations is a vital work of art, a gesture of connection and an act of love—an essential book in extraordinary times.

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Acerca de Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith is the author of the novels

    Intimations Comentarios

  • Adam Dalva

    Fascinating, wonderful book of 2020, whose relationship w/ Marcus Aurelius is established at the beginning and cascades closed in a moving ending of relationship's in Smith's life. Sharp, intensely in...

  • karen

    ever since quarantine began, i have been bracing myself for the inevitable flood of memoirs i knew were gonna come out of it—everyone with their feels and reflections; those "now i know what's reall...

  • Diane S ?

    What a year so far and in these essays, Smith tells us how she feels and what she is thinking. Life under Covid, of course, reasons authors write and musings on privilege. The essay though that I cons...

  • Marchpane

    Last night I had a particularly vicious attack of vertigo-anxiety-insomnia, an unholy trinity in which each of the three parts prolongs and intensifies the other two. Unable to sleep, move, or open my...

  • Jenna

    Did I read the same book as everyone else? Because I totally don't get all the four and five star reviews I'm seeing.Zadie Smith's books have come across my radar many times but I'd never read one. Wh...

  • Katia N

    These are lock-down essays by Zadie. I did not expect them to be very crafty, but wanted to read them for the immediacy of our, I suppose, widely and weirdly shared experience. And by "widely" I mean ...

  • Paul

    4.5 starsIt is inevitable that there will be a slew of books, memoirs, stories and reflections about lockdown and its effects. Zadie Smith seems to have got her contribution in first, this was publish...

  • Lisa

    As usual, Smith helps me see more deeply. This slim collection is mostly about the pandemic and is more accessible than many of her essay collections. The essay on contempt as a virus is especially pr...

  • Brown Girl Reading

    There are a few good essays in here but nothing that wow-ed me. I just wish Zadie would get back to writing good fiction. Everything she seems to be releasing is just ok....

  • Larry H

    Zadie Smith's new collection of essays, Intimations , may be short, but it packs such a punch.“Talking to yourself can be useful. And writing means being overheard.”This is another book I read ...

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