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Seek to Be Wise: Finding Extraordinary Wisdom in Everyday Life

Seek to Be Wise: Finding Extraordinary Wisdom in Everyday Life

We’re all looking for answers. We just need to open our eyes to the world around us to find them.

Author Chess Britt shares a delightful personal collection of down-to-earth maxims with one clear agenda: to inspire us to search for truth and wisdom. If we actively seek wisdom, says Britt, we’re bound to live our happiest and most productive lives. The best part is that we don’t have to look far. Truth and wisdom are often right under our noses in our everyday lives. 

And when we seek wisdom and learn from it, we’ll be ready not only to grab life’s opportunities, but to meet the challenges we will inevitably face. Britt believes in us and in our ability to carry out the search, and his encouraging words and (often humorous) stories contain an uplifting message about recognizing, embracing, and valuing those searches. 

The maxims—with titles like “Live to Love and Love to Live” and “It’s Going to Be Okay” explore topics such as making the most of our time with other people, why anger is our enemy, the importance of patience, and even why we shouldn’t waste precious time lying in bed when there are things to be done—guide with a gentle hand. Britt’s suggestions are offered without judgment and have something to say to people of all ages, from all walks of life. If after reading the maxims, we want to alter our present course, the author offers questions to ponder on how to move forward. Britt’s life experiences and faith guide him in this thoughtful and generous book you’ll want to experience and share with anyone looking for answers. 

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    Seek to Be Wise: Finding Extraordinary Wisdom in Everyday Life Comentarios

  • Nancy Lewis

    The title of this book should be Seek to Be Wise, Like Me. The author thinks he knows better than we do, and wrote this book so he could share his infinite wisdom with us. Even from a young age, he wa...

  • Ink Drinker

    Seek to be Wise is a quick read and I would categorize it as a self-help book.The author fills the book with stories illustrating the wisdom he has acquired during his lifetime. In a humble way, he br...

  • Liz Austin

    I received an advanced copy of Seek To Be Wise by Chess Britt from GreenLeaf Book Group for the purpose of reviewing it ahead of its release on July 7th. Overall, the book was a quick, easy read with ...

  • Deborah

    This book is hospitable. Enjoy a plate of cookies and some warm milk.It seems to be an authentic offering of one man’s reflection on his life’s experiences, sharing what has been helpful for him: ...

  • Heidi

    3.5/5I throughly enjoyed reading this book. I appreciate Britt writing this as these are lessons that, at my age, I'm now starting to truly see manifest in my life. I've personally never had a parent ...

  • Mana

    All our answers are already answered if we listen to ourselves and find the wisdom within. We have to seek to be wise. Britt shares timeless truths he picked up from family, friends, her life experien...

  • Mary Pauline M

    I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for a review. This book found me just as I was finishing up on a Daniel Fast which focused on .. calling on God for wisdom regarding a difficult decisio...

  • Heather

    I received a free electronic copy of this book from Goodreads. The author provides 32 maxims for readers to follow as they seek wisdom (most are familiar). Lots of Christian and sport references to dr...

  • Idina Jomia

    This book is certainly a useful and insightful read, and for that reason I'd recommend it. There are times, however, where Britt comes across as preachy and "I know best", which can be a turn off. Tha...

  • Holly

    Received this in a giveaway and can’t wait to read!...

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