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The Burning Girls

The Burning Girls

An unconventional vicar moves to a remote corner of the English countryside, only to discover a community haunted by death and disappearances both past and present--and intent on keeping its dark secrets--in this explosive, unsettling thriller from acclaimed author C. J. Tudor.

Welcome to Chapel Croft. Five hundred years ago, eight protestant martyrs were burned at the stake here. Thirty years ago, two teenage girls disappeared without a trace. And two months ago, the vicar of the local parish killed himself.

Reverend Jack Brooks, a single parent with a fourteen-year-old daughter and a heavy conscience, arrives in the village hoping to make a fresh start and find some peace. Instead, Jack finds a town mired in secrecy and a strange welcome package: an old exorcism kit and a note quoting scripture. "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known."

The more Jack and daughter Flo get acquainted with the town and its strange denizens, the deeper they are drawn into their rifts, mysteries, and suspicions. And when Flo is troubled by strange sightings in the old chapel, it becomes apparent that there are ghosts here that refuse to be laid to rest.

But uncovering the truth can be deadly in a village where everyone has something to protect, everyone has links with the village's bloody past, and no one trusts an outsider.

Titulo:The Burning Girls
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de C.J. Tudor

C. J. Tudor was born in Salisbury and grew up in Nottingham, where she still lives with her partner and young daughter.

    The Burning Girls Comentarios

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Nail bitingly irritating, soul crushingly blood freezing, terrifyingly heart throbbing. Horror, thriller, whodunnit murder mystery genres captivatingly blend each other. And final unexpected twist sea...

  • MarilynW

    The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor What a horrifying title, especially because it's referring to two young girls being burned, after being tortured, all in the name of religion. This happened 500 years a...

  • Meredith ( on Semi-Hiatus until February)

    Deceptive “Who says the devil has to be a man?”The Burning Girls is a creepy, atmospheric psychological thriller about an insular village with a dark past comprised of religious martyrs, missing ...

  • daph pink ?

    "The greatest gift the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."  I am so happy to announce my first 5 star mystery-thriller of the year. This is exactly how a PERFECT atmosph...

  • Maureen

    City based Reverend, Jack Brooks, has been assigned a new posting in the little hamlet of Chapel Croft in Sussex. It’s a temporary posting, and not exactly a welcome one, especially for 15 year old ...

  • Dorie  - Cats&Books :)

    Oh this is a difficult review for me to write. I really enjoyed “The Chalkman” and “The Other People” but with this new book I think that Ms.Tudor has crossed that line between thriller and ho...

  • Debra

    "The greatest gift the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." - The Usual SuspectsThis book started slowly for me, and I found myself wondering what all the hype was about, b...

  • Paromjit

    CJ Tudor's latest offering is an atmospheric psychological thriller shot through with elements of horror and the supernatural, set in the Sussex hamlet of Chapel Croft, defined by its 500 year old his...

  • JanB

    Single mom Rev. Jack Brooks and her teenage daughter Flo move to a small village in the English countryside, where Jack will be the new Vicar. But it soon becomes clear Chapel Croft is far from the id...

  • megs_bookrack

    **4.5-stars rounded up**After a scandal at her church leaves a child dead, unconventional vicar, Jack Brooks, and her teenage daughter, Flo, are relocated to the village of Chapel Croft.This is quite ...

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