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Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth

Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth

The urgent and untold story of the collusion between Fox News and Donald Trump from the New York Times bestselling author of Top of the Morning.

While other leaders were marshaling resources to combat the greatest pandemic in modern history, President Donald Trump was watching TV. Trump watches over six hours of Fox News a day, a habit his staff refers to as “executive time.” In January 2020, when Fox News began to downplay COVID-19, the President was quick to agree. In March, as the deadly virus spiraled out of control, Sean Hannity mocked “coronavirus hysteria” as “new hoax” from the left. Millions of Americans took Hannity and Trump's words as truth—until some of them started to get sick.

In Hoax, CNN anchor and chief media correspondent Brian Stelter tells the twisted story of the relationship between Donald Trump and Fox News. From the moment Trump glided down the golden escalator to announce his candidacy in the 2016 presidential election to his acquittal on two articles of impeachment in early 2020, Fox hosts spread his lies and smeared his enemies. Over the course of two years, Stelter spoke with over 250 current and former Fox insiders in an effort to understand the inner workings of Rupert Murdoch's multibillion-dollar media empire. Some of the confessions are alarming. “We don't really believe all this stuff,” a producer says. “We just tell other people to believe it.”

At the center of the story lies Sean Hannity, a college dropout who, following the death of Fox News mastermind Roger Ailes, reigns supreme at the network that pays him $30 million a year. Stelter describes the raging tensions inside Fox between the Trump loyalists and the few remaining journalists. He reveals why former chief news anchor Shep Smith resigned in disgust in 2019; why a former anchor said “if I stay here I’ll get cancer;” and how Trump has exploited the leadership vacuum at the top to effectively seize control of the network.

Including never before reported details, Hoax exposes the media personalities who, though morally bankrupt, profit outrageously by promoting the President’s propaganda and radicalizing the American right. It is a book for anyone who reads the news and wonders: How did this happen?

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Acerca de Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter is the chief media correspondent for CNN and anchor of the show Reliable Sources. He was previously a staff writer at the New York Times and was featured as a subject in the New York Times documentary Page One. Before joining the Times in 2007, he was the founder and editor of TVNewser, the pre-eminent blog about the television news industry, which was sold to MediaBistro in 2004.

    Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth Comentarios

  • Perry

    State-supported media.Donny Trump’s Propaganda machine. The best book ever at Concisely gathering and exposing the blatant manipulation by Sean Hattity and the soldier mentality of the Fox flock. A ...

  • Donald Powell

    An excellent book focusing on Fox News and its relationship with President Trump. This book is based upon well sourced facts, the truth. It reveals and documents the effects of our economic systems, o...

  • Kelley

    “The word ‘hoax’ was uttered more than nine hundred times on Fox News in the first six months of 2020. Every time Trump tweeted it, or [Sean] Hannity shouted it, a little bit more truth was chip...

  • Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin

    I don't watch much cable or network news. i consider it low grade and sensational journalism. It is mostly journalism nonetheless except for Fox. Fox is poison. Stelter is a cable news journalist from...

  • Gary  Beauregard Bottomley

    Seriously, why bother to tell me what Fox News insiders, executives and sycophants say off-the-record about the company they work for and from which they derive their livelihood from. Is it really cre...

  • James Mc Donald

    I'm reading this book now and it appears Mr. Stelter is still trying to push the Russian collusion myth as part of his attack on Fox news because the cable channel did not report what he felt the netw...

  • Misfit

    I enjoyed this more than I expected. Wish I knew who the unnamed sources are ☺...

  • Paul

    Donald Trump is a menace to civilized society. He surrounds himself with dopes who have no ideals except to be his sycophants. This book is necessary reading. We have to get rid of this crook. He make...

  • Steven Z.

    Never in the history of American politics has a national news organization been an extension of a political party or president. This may seem to be a harsh observation but when one examines President ...

  • Karl

    Just another opinionated anti-Trump book based on unnamed, anonymous and off the record sources. Frankly, I think most of it is simply made up to suit Stelter's agenda and continue the running feud wi...

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