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As Far As You'll Take Me

As Far As You'll Take Me

A story about finding the people who become your home.

Marty arrives in London with nothing but his oboe and some savings from his summer job, but he's excited to start his new life--where he's no longer the closeted, shy kid who slips under the radar and is free to explore his sexuality without his parents' disapproval.

From the outside, Marty's life looks like a perfect fantasy: in the span of a few weeks, he's made new friends, he's getting closer with his first ever boyfriend, and he's even traveling around Europe. But Marty knows he can't keep up the facade. He hasn't spoken to his parents since he arrived, he's tearing through his meager savings, his homesickness and anxiety are getting worse and worse, and he hasn't even come close to landing the job of his dreams. Will Marty be able to find a place that feels like home?

Titulo:As Far As You'll Take Me
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Phil Stamper

Phil Stamper grew up in a rural village near Dayton, Ohio. He has a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Publishing with Creative Writing. And, unsurprisingly, a lot of student debt. He works for a major book publisher in New York City and lives in Brooklyn with his husband and their dog.

    As Far As You'll Take Me Comentarios

  • Phil Stamper

    [eyeballs emoji]...

  • theresa

    I will be honest here, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I have to admit that the marketing led me to believe it was more lighthearted than it was, with an equally cutsie romance. And al...

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars.Phil Stamper's upcoming book, As Far As You'll Take Me , is an enjoyable, moving story about finally making your own way and finding your own people.Seventeen-year-old Marty has never bee...

  • Reading_ Tam_ Ishly

    DNFed and not going to regret it. I don't like the characters, especially the main character. And I really do not like the writing. And I am so done with such repetitive young adult stories. I guess i...

  • AnnaLuce

    / / / Read more reviews on my blog / / /“How long does it take to fall in love with someone—hours, days, years?” This was okay but I was kind of expecting something different. At times As Far ...

  • Maddie Browse

    4.5 starsFull review to come...

  • rachel ?

    ➸ Trigger warnings for (view spoiler)[coming out themes, nonconsensual outing, homomisia, religious bigotry, anxiety & anxiety attacks, body dysmorphia, disordered food & weight thoughts (including ...

  • Vee

    imagine writing a whole book set in London and just... vaguely googling the details of british life loveDNF'd at 25%....

  • Daniel

    More reviews and recs on my blog: https://thedanielhurst.wordpress.comAs Far As You'll Take Me is about a gay teenager, Marty, who flees his religious household in Kentucky to try to make it as a prof...

  • Adri

    3.5 Stars CWs: bullying, toxic relationships, manipulation, homophobia, religious bigotry, graphic descriptions of body dysmorphia and disordered eating, self harm in the form of self-starvation, u...

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