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Back in the Burbs

Back in the Burbs

Ever have one of those days where life just plain sucks? Welcome to my last three months—ever since I caught my can’t-be-soon-enough ex-husband cheating with his paralegal. I’m thirty-five years old, and I’ve lost my NYC apartment, my job, my money, and frankly, my dignity.

But the final heartache in the suck sandwich of my life? My great-aunt Maggie died. The only family member who’s ever gotten me.
Even after death, though, she’s helping me get back up. She’s willed me the keys to a house in the burbs, of all places, and dared me to grab life by the family jewels. Well, I’ve got the vise grips already in hand (my ex should take note) and I’m ready to fight for my life again.

Too bad that bravado only lasts as long as it takes to drive into Huckleberry Hills. And see the house.
There are forty-seven separate HOA violations, and I feel them all in my bones. Honestly, I’m surprised no one’s “accidentally” torched the house yet. I want to, and I’ve only been standing in front of it for five minutes. But then my hot, grumpy neighbor tells me to mow the lawn first and I’m just...done. Done with men too sexy for their own good and done with anyone telling me what to do ever again.

First rule of surviving the burbs? There is nothing that YouTube and a glass of wine can’t conquer.

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  • Storiesandcoffee

    Why am I such a sucker for a "hot mess thirty-something" redemption story?Back in the Burbs is a laugh-out-loud romcom with a floundering middle-aged divorcee, a charming love interest, and enough amu...

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars. Back in the Burbs , a new collaboration between Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn, is a fun, sexy, emotional rom-com about finding the strength to start over and take control of your life.Mallo...

  • RateTheRomance

    BACK IN THE BURBS is a super funny and cute Enemies To Lovers romance! Mallory is such a great female lead! She is quirky, hilarious, hard working, and trying desperately to "find herself" in her 30s ...

  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader

    The best rom-com of 2021. No I take that back the best rom-com I have ever read. I loved everything about this book. Mallory and Nick are the highlight of this book. Hot guy who listens, with a big he...

  • Erin Lewis

    4.5 Star Review of Back In The Burbs by Tracy Wolff & Avery Flynn I have read several books by Avery Flynn but Tracy Wolff is a new author to me and I have no idea why that is. From the first to the l...

  • Brittany Zimmerman

    Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC of this book. All opinions are my own. I haven’t met a Tracy Wolff or Avery Flynn book I didn’t like, so when I heard that they co-wrote...

  • Kathreadya

    I LOVED this romantic comedy book!This is the perfect quick vacation read! Avery Flynn and Tracey Wolff have created a fabulous mix of comedy and personal growth, along with some super steamy enemies ...

  • Kelly (AndKellyReads)

    How CUTE is the cover for Back in the Burbs? It honestly makes me long for summer when I can just lay outside and enjoy the sunshine. This book was a bit of hit and miss for me, and for the most part,...

  • Tonya

    I seriously need a good laugh, and Back in the Burbs provided all the laugh attacks I needed this past week. I love Mallory, our main character because she's a hot mess who doesn't yet realize her own...

  • Shirley Frances

    I'll admit that when I first came across this book, I hesitated a bit. The last couple of rom-coms I've read haven't been that great, but the blurb intrigued me enough to give it a try. Now I'm glad I...

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