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Miracle Country

Miracle Country

Kendra Atleework grew up in Swall Meadows, in the Owens Valley of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, where annual rainfall averages five inches and in drought years measures closer to zero.
Kendra’s family raised their children to thrive in this harsh landscape, forever at the mercy of wildfires, blizzards, and gale-force winds.  Most of all, the Atleework children were raised on unconditional love and delight in the natural world. But it came at a price. When Kendra was six, her mother was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, and she died when Kendra was sixteen. Her family fell apart, even as her father tried to keep them together. Kendra took flight from her bereft family, escaping to the enemy city of Los Angeles, and then Minneapolis, land of all trees, no deserts, no droughts, full lakes, water everywhere you look. 
But after years of avoiding the pain of her hometown, she realized that she had to go back, that the desert was the only place she could live. Like Wild, Miracle Country is a story of flight and return, bounty and emptiness, and the true meaning of home.  But it also speaks to the ravages of climate change and its permanent destruction of the way of life in one particular town.

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Acerca de Kendra Atleework

KENDRA ATLEEWORK was born and raised on the dry edge of California at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. She moved away for eleven years, mostly spent being homesick and researching the place she left behind—the product of which is Miracle Country. She has an MFA from the University of Minnesota and serves on the board of the Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers. She lives in her home

    Miracle Country Comentarios

  • Clio

    I feel like I don’t have the words to begin how to describe how I feel about this book. The way the author weaves the past and the present is effortless. The book reminds us the we can not move forw...

  • Sharon

    I lived for 40 years in the rain shadow of the Sierras and fully understand Kendra’s love for the raw beauty that comes with this country. What they called the Sierra Wave we called the Washoe Zephy...

  • James Wade

    An incredibly beautiful, moving memoir, seamlessly weaving the author’s own history with that of the Owens Valley. Atleework writes about the loss of her mother in a way that is poetic and unflinchi...

  • Marjorie

    The California desert is as much of a character in this memoir as are the fascinating members of Kendra Atleework's family. The author has blended her touching family memoir with the history of Califo...

  • Melissa Kiley | memoirs.of.a.booknerd

    Miracle Country is the memoir of Kendra Atleework, who grew up with her family in the Owens Valley of the Eastern Sierra Nevada at the mercy of all nature could throw at them. After losing her mother ...

  • ??Hlne??

    It is difficult for me to review a memoir since this is a personal book about the authors life but I will do my best.A memoir that is powerful in describing the rough landscape. The drought, heat, wil...

  • Zardoz

    I spend a lot of time outdoors and one of my favorite places in California is the 395 corridor. Every time I’m there I fantasize about moving to the area. Atleework grew up there and her book is a...

  • Sarah Prendergast (lifeandbookswithme)

    Kendra Atleework describes her family’s struggles as they live in a remote part of the California desert. They fight against elements (extreme drought & fires) and navigate her mother’s early deat...

  • David Abrams

    MIRACLE COUNTRY is a traveling machine, one that will zip you, in the time it takes to turn a page, from your seat to Sierra Nevada in California. Kendra Atleework has created a lyrical portrait of a ...

  • Angela Dee { angelas.bookshelf }

    I really enjoyed this memoir. About returning home, overcoming painful memories and finding out where you truly belong. She was raised in survive and thrive in the harsh landscape of Eastern Sierra Ne...

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