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The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs

The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs

For decades the suburbs have been where art happens despite: despite the conformity, the emptiness, the sameness. Time and again, the story is one of gems formed under pressure and that resentment of the suburbs is the key ingredient for creative transcendence. But what if, contrary to that, the suburb has actually been an incubator for distinctly American art, as positively and as surely as in any other cultural hothouse? Mixing personal experience, cultural reportage, and history while rejecting clichés and pieties and these essays stretch across the country in an effort to show that this uniquely American milieu deserves another look.

Titulo:The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs
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    The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs Comentarios

  • Scott

    "The suburbs: Where they rip out the trees and then name the streets after them." -- author unknownDiamond's The Sprawl presents a dilemma that I haven't faced in awhile: I wanted to read this book (e...

  • Katie

    It's a pleasant read, and I liked the idea, but I think this book had too much breadth and not enough depth. It jumps around geographically and chronologically, and in trying to mix history, pop cultu...

  • Jason Diamond

    I like it. Not bad at all. ...

  • Kelly

    A fascinating read on the socio-cultural history and contemporary realities of the suburbs. It's an essay collection and much like Jia Tolentino's work, it isn't always smooth essay to essay and the p...

  • Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin

    I worked at a job where most people working it were from rural areas and small towns. When I started there I being from a high-density suburb would often have a hard time fitting in at first. I think...

  • Christen

    The Sprawl is more of a memoir/essayist format; this book is more about feeling and culture than actual history. I went in expecting history, but I enjoyed the author's background, and the impact of s...

  • Lindsay Hunter

    Filled with great weirdness and genuine ache. Loved it. ...

  • Amelia

    A lot of potential but ultimately a very superficial exploration of suburbia in America...

  • Carly Thompson

    Good essay collection about American suburbs. The author grew up in north Chicagoland and writes about his personal experiences which I found entertaining and informative. Diamond also covers the hist...

  • Kuleigh

    I currently work in planning and studied architectural history in college so I was excited to pick this book up. Even though I was familiar with the subject matter, some parts of this book were extrem...

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