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The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals

The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals

From the winner of the 2016 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction comes a tender and funny debut novel, set over one emotionally charged weekend at an animal sanctuary in western Kansas, where maternal, romantic, and community bonds are tested in the wake of an estranged daughter’s homecoming.

The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals is in trouble.

It’s late 2016 when Ariel discovers that her mother Mona’s animal sanctuary in Western Kansas has not only been the target of anti-Semitic hate crimes—but that it’s also for sale, due to hidden financial ruin. Ariel, living a new life in progressive Lawrence, and estranged from her mother for six long years, knows she has to return to her childhood home—especially since her own past may have played a role in the attack on the sanctuary. Ariel expects tension, maybe even fury, but she doesn’t anticipate that her first love, a ranch hand named Gideon, will still be working at the Bright Side.

Back in Lawrence, Ariel’s charming but hapless fiancé, Dex, grows paranoid about her sudden departure. After uncovering Mona’s address, he sets out to confront Ariel, but instead finds her grappling with the life she’s abandoned. Amid the reparations with her mother, it’s clear that Ariel is questioning the meaning of her life in Lawrence, and whether she belongs with Dex or with someone else, somewhere else.

Acclaimed writer Pam Houston says that “Mandelbaum is wise beyond her years and twice as talented,” and The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals poignantly explores the unique love and tension between mothers and daughters, and humans and animals alike. Perceptive and funny, moving and eloquent, and ultimately buoyant, Mandelbaum offers a panoramic view of family and forgiveness, and of the meaning of home. Her debut reminds us that love provides refuge, and underscores our similarities as human beings, no matter how alone or far apart we may feel.

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Acerca de Becky Mandelbaum

Becky Mandelbaum is the author of THE BRIGHT SIDE SANCTUARY FOR ANIMALS, forthcoming from Simon & Schuster on August 4, 2020. She is also the author of BAD KANSAS, which received the 2016 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. Originally from Kansas, she currently lives in Washington State.

    The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals Comentarios

  • Liz

    It took me about two pages to bond with Mona. She loves animals and hates Trump. She is my kinda gal. Mona runs the Brightside Animal Sanctuary in a small town in western Kansas. She’s recently been...

  • Theresa Alan

    If you’re a Trump supporter, you’ll hate this book. I loved this book.It is set after Trump is elected but before he takes office. Ariel left her small town in Kansas for the relatively big town o...

  • Becky Mandelbaum

    I can honestly say I've read this book more times than any other book I've ever read, and it still held my interest. Dogs! Love! Kansas! Many subconsciously generated references to cake, candy, and co...

  • Donna Davis

    Becky Mandelbaum is the real deal. In 2016 she published a short story collection, Bad Kansas, which I read and loved. And so when I found this debut novel on Net Galley, I leapt at the chance to read...

  • Linden

    I can’t go wrong with a book about an animal sanctuary, can I? Apparently, I can. Ariel grew up on a farm sanctuary in Kansas. Her father left. She left, too, and has now returned after 6 years. I d...

  • Lynne Lambdin

    I’m pretty much a sucker for animals. But absolutely will avoid novels where animals play such a heavy role. As you all know, animal deaths hit harder. You have to mentally be up for uncontrollable ...

  • Shannon Rochester

    Thank you, NetGalley and Simon Schuster for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for my honest review. The cover is what initially drew me to this book because it is so pretty by itself but wh...

  • Jennifer Coffey

    DNF page 10. I hate reading books with politically charged content. I don’t care what side it’s on, it makes me uncomfortable. ...

  • Isabelle

    The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals // by Becky Mandelbaum"It was one thing to talk about forgiveness, but it was another to forgive with the body, with the bones and skin and blood. It was somethin...

  • Karen M

    This book. This book. I read this book while snuggled up in bed, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I wrapped this book around me like a comforter. I loved it.First of all, I am an an...

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