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Todo lo que sé sobre el amor

Todo lo que sé sobre el amor

Tan salvajemente divertido y conmovedor como la vida de cualquier veinteañero que crece navegando entre desengaños amorosos y relaciones desastrosas
La periodista Dolly Alderton se propuso dar cuenta de sus locos veinte años en este divertido libro trufado de amores y desamores, relaciones intensas por Messenger que fracasan en el cara a cara, trabajos precarios y amigos que siempre están ahí. Un novio que acaba saliendo del armario, borracheras que te llevan a cruzar el país en taxis que no puedes pagar, chicos sin redes sociales que se creen Sartre…, escenas todas ellas de nuestra lucha por entender que el amor más intenso e importante es el que sentimos por nuestros amigos y nosotros mismos.

«Casi todo lo que sé sobre el amor lo he aprendido charlando con mis amigas de toda la vida. He aprendido que el amor es júbilo desenfrenado, bailar borracha sobre el fango de un festival de música, los cruces de miradas en un autobús nocturno, los polvos de una noche. Pero también he aprendido que el amor no son las relaciones tediosas, ni las horas de obsesivo seguimiento en Instagram al chico que te gusta, ni los orgasmos fingidos.»

Titulo:Todo lo que sé sobre el amor
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Acerca de Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton is an award-winning author and journalist. She is a columnist for The Sunday Times Style and has also written for GQ, Red, Marie Claire and Grazia. She co-hosts the weekly pop-culture and current affairs podcast The High Low alongside journalist Pandora Sykes.

    Todo lo que sé sobre el amor Comentarios

  • Sarah

    2.5 rounded downI'm on the fence with this one - it was light and very readable (even while discussing some heavier topics) and I enjoyed the early 00s nostalgia trip for a bit (yes, we all remember M...

  • Pip

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have met my new personal hero. I started reading this book and immediately felt like I was cushioned perfectly in cotton wool and marshmallows, covered in fluffy blankets with ...

  • Nadia

    Loooooved it! 😍😍😍I'm a bit embarassed to admit that I hardly knew who Dolly Adlerton was before reading this book, but after finishing Everything I Know About Love, I'm now a massive fan!Doll...

  • Amy

    Bloody hell, pals. This book is sweet and silly, smart and serious. I would highly recommend. I don't read an awful lot of auto-biographical stuff but I knew of Dolly already, through her PanDolly and...

  • Lex

    I saw this book everywhere. It sat on my shelf for months because I wasn't quite sure what it was, and then I skimmed the first few pages and ended up reading the whole thing within 24 hours. It's fun...

  • Jessica

    I received an ARC of the book for free from the publisher (Harper Books) in exchange for an honest review. Since I received an ARC, my quotes from the book are tentative. I found this to be a very rel...

  • Georgia

    I listened to Everything I Know About Love on audiobook, mostly during my commute. This was good and bad - good because I hate to not finish books and there's no way I would've finished this if I had ...

  • Michelle Curie

    Hey world, it's the girl who has spent the last two days glued to the pages of this book. It's not like I didn't know who Dolly Alderton was before, I didn't even know she was somebody you could know....

  • Jessica

    I enjoyed it at the start for nostalgia reasons (yes, I remember the modern sound! I remember chatting on MSN!). But after a while, I found it quite repetitive, both of itself (here's another drunk st...

  • Antonia

    “Nearly everything I know about love, I've learnt from my long-term friendships with women.” As I've stated in my past reviews: I'm not a big fan of biographies. I found myself to never really lik...

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