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Born to Be Public

Born to Be Public

In this unique and hilarious debut memoir, writer and comedian Greg Mania chronicles life as a "pariah prodigy." From inadvertently coming out to his Polish immigrant parents, to immersing himself in the world of New York City nightlife, and finding himself and his voice in comedy. "Born to Be Public" is a vulnerable and poignant exploration of identity (and the rediscovery of it), mental health, sex and relationships, all while pursuing a passion with victories and tragicomic blunders. At once raw and relatable, Mania's one-of-a-kind voice will make you shed tears from laughter and find its way into your heart.

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Acerca de Greg Mania

Greg Mania is a New York City-based writer, comedian, and award-winning screenwriter. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, O, The Oprah Magazine, Out, PAPER, among other international online and print platforms. "Born to Be Public" is his first book.

    Born to Be Public Comentarios

  • Greg Mania

    Five stars, because of course. ...

  • Katherine D. Morgan

    Very charming and very funny. I actually laughed out loud multiple times and I don’t normally do that because I’m tired and bitter. Mania made me want to move to NYC, which I’m shocked about (we...

  • Erik

    A punk recollection of a time spent in nightlife, school, and comedy, Greg Mania's [Mahn-ya or Mania] "Born to Be Public" is reflection on the last decade of greatness in New York City.A son of polish...

  • Jenny Lawson

    Funny and vulnerable all at once....

  • Juno

    This is literally the funniest book I've ever read....

  • Kristen Anderson

    I read this book over the course of one was un-put-downable. Full of heart, vulnerability, raunch and New York City references that make you feel like you’re sweating in Penn station and so...

  • Lindsay Hunter

    I had so much fun reading this, and the chapter on Roy spoke to me deeply. There are tons of moments like that: insights so real, so moving, that laughing through tears became the norm. ...

  • Katie Smith-Siegel

    Greg Mania is, in many ways, a paradox. An effortlessly gifted student by day and a club kid by night; a connoisseur of highbrow art and culture who is also fluent in reality TV and Applebees menus; a...

  • Michael

    I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down, although, I had to because I want to milk every page as long as I could. I laughed out loud, and got choked up multiple times (in a good way!) I...

  • Pete Medrano

    It should go without saying that 2020 has been a literal landfill, however, if you're looking to lift your spirits and LOL IRL then look no further than Greg Mania's stunning and heartfelt debut memoi...

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