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Black Coral

Black Coral

For a police diver in Florida, solving a cold-case mystery brings a serial killer out of hiding...

Sloan McPherson and the Underwater Investigation Unit have discovered a van at the bottom of a murky Florida pond. Sealed inside the watery tomb are the bodies of four teenagers who disappeared thirty years ago after leaving a rock concert. To authorities, it looks like a tragic accident. To Sloan, it looks like murder. Every piece of evidence is starting to connect to a string of cold case vanishings throughout Florida. Clue by clue, Sloan navigates the warm, dark waters where natural predators feed, knowing that the most dangerous one is still above the surface—nesting and dormant.

But when a fresh young kill is found in the Everglades, Sloan fears that her investigation has reawakened a monster. How can she catch someone who’s a genius at hiding in plain sight? By acting as prey. The dangerous gambit is working—only too well. She’s being lured into a deception of the madman’s own design. Has Sloan set a trap for a serial killer? Or has he set one for her?

Titulo:Black Coral
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Andrew Mayne

    Black Coral Comentarios

  • Lisa

    My thanks to Thomas & Mercer, Andrew Mayne and Netgalley. In my opinion, Mr. Mayne can do no wrong! It's just a truth. I've read one book that I found underwhelming. That turned out to be his first bo...

  • Liz

    If you’re looking for a fast paced, entertaining police procedural, this is it. Sloan McPherson is a detective and underwater diver for the Florida UIU. The book starts off with a bang as she attemp...

  • Linda

    Ya don't mess with Big Bill.......Gotta respect the girth and the glamour of those 1,000 pounds and not to mention that size does matter when you're leaning close to the massive jaws of a 13-foot alli...

  • Lisa

    My thanks to Thomas & Mercer, Andrew Mayne and Netgalley.In my opinion, Mr. Mayne can do no wrong! It's just a truth. I've read one book that I found underwhelming. That turned out to be his first boo...

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    It’s my reading alter ego checking in with another crime thriller. This series involves underwater investigation, and I absolutely love that because I’m learning about how they procedurally do tha...

  • Matt

    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Andrew Mayne, and Thomas & Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Andrew Ma...

  • Pat (not getting friend updates currently)

    I always enjoy an Andrew Mayne book. This is the second Sloan McPherson book. Her family are a bit on the wrong side of the law at times but Sloan is an expert diver and an archaeologist and is now wo...

  • Adrian Dooley

    Well that was something different and hugely enjoyable. 4.5 stars rounded down to 4(explained later and a minor gripe stopping it being a 5 star read)Sloan McPherson is a police diver working in Flori...

  • fleurette

    Another great book by Andrew Mayne. The second book in the series about Sloan McPherson and the Underwater Investigation Unit is as good as the first one. You can also read it as a stand-alone without...

  • Dana

    Black Coral is the second book in the Underwater Investigation Unit and can definitely be read as a stand alone. I actually prefered the second book so much more. This was a fast paced, entertaining p...

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