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Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America

Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America

“Maria’s perspective is powerful and vital. Years ago, when In the Heights was just starting off-Broadway, Maria got the word out to our community to support this new musical about our neighborhoods. She has been a champion of our triumphs, a critic of our detractors, and a driving force to right the wrongs our society faces. When Maria speaks, I’m ready to listen and learn.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda

Emmy Award–winning journalist and anchor of NPR’s Latino USA, Maria Hinojosa, tells the story of immigration in America through her family’s experiences and decades of reporting, painting an unflinching portrait of a country in crisis.

Maria Hinojosa is an award-winning journalist who has collaborated with the most respected networks and is known for bringing humanity to her reporting. In this beautifully-rendered memoir, she relates the history of US immigration policy that has brought us to where we are today, as she shares her deeply personal story. For thirty years, Maria Hinojosa has reported on stories and communities in America that often go ignored by the mainstream media. Bestselling author Julia Alvarez has called her “one of the most important, respected, and beloved cultural leaders in the Latinx community.”

In Once I Was You, Maria shares her intimate experience growing up Mexican American on the south side of Chicago and documenting the existential wasteland of immigration detention camps for news outlets that often challenged her work. In these pages, she offers a personal and eye-opening account of how the rhetoric around immigration has not only long informed American attitudes toward outsiders, but also enabled willful negligence and profiteering at the expense of our country’s most vulnerable populations—charging us with the broken system we have today.

This honest and heartrending memoir paints a vivid portrait of how we got here and what it means to be a survivor, a feminist, a citizen, and a journalist who owns her voice while striving for the truth. Once I Was You is an urgent call to fellow Americans to open their eyes to the immigration crisis and understand that it affects us all.

Also available in Spanish as Una vez fui tú.

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Acerca de María Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa dreamt of a space where she could create independent, multimedia journalism that explores and gives a critical voice to the diverse American experience. She made that dream a reality in 2010 when she created Futuro Media, an independent, nonprofit newsroom based in Harlem, NYC with the mission to create multimedia content from a POC perspective. As Anchor and Executive Producer of t

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    3.5 stars rounded up! Review to come soon.TW - sexual assault and rape-In her memoir, Maria Hinojosa chronicles her life from her entry into the United States, to becoming a successful journalist who ...

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    History is written by the victors, which means we should question the version of history that has been handed down to us In Maria Hinojosa’s memoir Once I Was You she is able to tell her story w...

  • Lupita Reads

    “America has always put forward a public veneer of loving immigrants and their role in this country, but in reality, the underside of immigration, the hidden hatred, and internalized oppression and ...

  • Oscreads

    I enjoyed reading this book. It definitely has its moments and I’m grateful for the new things I’ve learned while reading this book. Full Review Coming Soon......

  • Donna Hines

    Immigration affects everyone! This is so vital for today's discussion on immigrants, naturalization, and what's so often lost in examination- EMPATHY!Remember we are all united as one- humanity, diver...


    Maria Hinojosa's book, "ONCE I WAS YOU: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America" is an honest, poignant, and forthright story of Maria Hinojosa's lifelong odyssey, her career as a journalist now s...

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    In this memoir, Hinojosa breaks down her journey to becoming an award winning journalist; her initial struggle with her identity as a Mexican American; and the heartbreaking realities of the U.S immig...

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    I received this book as an ARC through the Goodreads giveaway, my opinions are my own.******Maria Hinojosa is a beautiful, talented writer skillfully weaving her own history with the history of immigr...

  • Emily

    I first heard of María Hinojosa from listening to her podcast In the Thick, and I've always enjoyed hearing from her since then. I was excited to learn she was releasing a memoir, so I got my hands o...

  • Maggie (babewithabookandabeer)

    This book was phenomenal. Thanks to the recommendation of @lupita.reads, I requested this book from @netgalley @atriabooks. Maria shares her intimate experience growing up Mexican American on the Sout...

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