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Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time

Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time

For fans of Robert Macfarlane or Elizabeth Rush, National Magazine Award winner and The Nation columnist Ben Ehrenreich layers climate science, mythologies, nature writing, and personal experiences into a stunning reckoning of our current moment and our all-too-human urge to grapple with apocalypse.

A book about the literal and figurative end of time and what that means for us as conscious beings, Desert Notebooks looks at how both the unprecedented pace of destruction to our environment and our increasingly unstable global socio-political institutions have led to an existential crisis orders of magnitude greater than any humankind has confronted before. As inhabitants of the Anthropocene what might some of our own histories tell us about how to grapple with apocalypse? And how might the geologies and ecologies of desert spaces inform how we see and act towards time?

Employing an elegant, discursive style that interweaves memoir with science writing, creation myths, and history, National Magazine Award winner and The Nation columnist Ben Ehrenreich uses the desolate landscape of the American desert —the main locales for the book are Joshua Tree and Las Vegas— as a springboard to examine how we formulate our concepts of time and what it means to confront the looming apocalypse. Desert Notebooks is a moving confrontation with Deep Time and a meditation on landscape in the face of climate change. Faced with an uncertain future, Ehrenreich argues there is comfort in reflecting on the role we humans have played in our own demise in the past. The difference is that this time the clock may finally be running out for good.

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Acerca de Ben Ehrenreich

Ben Ehrenreich is an award-winning journalist and fiction writer. His fiction has been published in McSweeney's, Bomb, and Black Clock, among other publications. His novel, The Suitors, was published by Counterpoint in 2006 and received widespread critical attention. In 2011 City Lights Publishers brought out his novel Ether.

    Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time Comentarios

  • Chris LaTray

    I have had an ongoing love affair with the deserts of the American Southwest for nearly two decades now and I take my reading related to it both seriously and critically. With DESERT NOTEBOOKS, Ben Eh...

  • Harvey

    If I could give this a ZERO star I would. Everything about this book and the author speak to what is wrong in our society today. The author resorts to calling people names when he doesn’t agree with...

  • Jessica

    DNF. Not at all what I hoped it would be. Hoped it would be ruminations on the grandeur or history or people of the desert, that might comfort and distract from 2020 news cycle and dreams of travel th...

  • Jim

    “The time is out of joint,” Hamlet declares after he’s kicked out of a Zoom meeting.Actually, he utters the famous line after a visit from his father’s ghost, but who among us hasn’t felt ti...

  • Christine

    I got this book because I love everything about the desert. Instead, all I got was the chaotic and random ravings and ruminations about everything that’s wrong with the world, without any new insigh...

  • Peter

    If you try to put this book in a box, you’re letting yourself down. Don’t do that.Equal parts outdoors narrative, meditation on the nature of writing and communication, and analysis of our shiftin...

  • Anne

    This book begins with a walk in a desert wash, and an owl. It ends much the same way. But in between is a vast exploration of time, of myth, of change, of place, of faith, of history, of life. The owl...

  • Chris Roberts

    Man adds to his infamy as a pariah walking among living things, the incomprehensibility of human as destroyer of self, planet,after earth inhabitable, unfathomable, pray to semi-gorgeous gods - regene...

  • Eugenie

    I enjoyed the author's ruminations upon his hikes in the desert in Joshua Tree National Park and how he brought in mythologies from many different traditions to reflect about the changing climate and ...

  • Karen Swiech

    First off: DNF. Secondly, while his writing proves the author’s erudition, it wasn’t exactly emotional, which was odd since it really seemed as though he has deep feelings, at least for the desert...

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