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The Third Best Thing

The Third Best Thing

Dear Letter Girl, I need to see you. When can we meet?

Her response never came. My secret pen pal with a dirty mind has ghosted me. I've roped Jules, my sweet as pie next door neighbor, to help me track her down.

There's only one problem--I'm falling for her. The tortoise shell glasses, out of this world curves and delicious treats are making the search for The Letter Girl even harder. 

My notes were supposed to be a one time thing.

A little too much wine and naughty thoughts on a winter's night. I never thought Berk would write back. I wanted to tell him it was me, but the fear of rejection kept my lips sealed.

Now he’s enlisted my help to track down The Letter Girl and our search has him hot on my, ahem, her trail.

She's the girl next door.

He's my secret pen pal.

Truth is on a collision course with their hearts and it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets wrecked...

Titulo:The Third Best Thing
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Acerca de Maya Hughes

Maya Hughes is an Amazon Top 20 author of swoon worthy, laugh out loud, and emotional new adult and contemporary romances.

    The Third Best Thing Comentarios

  • Lana ??DG Romance??

    5 STARS She was an indescribable kind of perfect for me. The kind that made my heart ache that I’d only just found her and was ready to get down on my knees so I didn’t have to wait another...

  • abire

    “She was the kind of girl you didn’t come back from. The kind who’d always have a place in your heart to keep you warm on those nights alone long after she’d kicked you to the curb be...

  • Laura

    I adored this book and it very much delivered what it promised from the start.I loved Jules with all my heart and Berk… my broken golden boy. I really appreciate these kind of books a lot....

  • mel ?

    this made me wanna take pole dancing lessons not gonna lie.when i read about Berk and Jules in The Second We Met, my interest for these couple just went through the roof and to be honest, i was more i...

  • bruna

    “I saw a home with her in our future. The complete picture. There wasn’t anyone more perfect for me than her. And I’d spend as long as I needed to make her believe it was true.” I’ve be...

  • Wendys Wycked Words

    I am a big fan of Maya Hughes' sports romances, they always come with a healthy dose of humor, a lovely amount of sugar and sweetness and a smidge of angst... They are like a recipe for cupcakes...per...

  • EmBibliophile

    2.5 starsI’ll take the blame for this one! I skipped the first two books in the series in order to read this one, so maybe that’s why I didn’t have the same connection towards the characters as ...

  • Melanie (mells_view)

    4.5*”Don’t ever let anyone else make you feel like you’re not awesome.”Jules & Berk have absolutely stolen my heart. Both of these characters are so damn precious that you just want to wrap th...

  • Phuong ?

    "And you were never the third best thing in my life, Jules. Never. I'd never play a game again, if it meant I could be here with you." I had my eyes set on Jules and Berk since I started 'The Secon...

  • Sabrina

    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UKBerk was seriously the cutest and I want him all for myself now. I'm calling dibs! He and Jule's had me ready to beg for their story by the time I finished The Second We ...

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