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Manual de supervivencia

Manual de supervivencia

Aprovechando una década de investigación de archivos y entrevistas en terreno en Ucrania, Rusia y Bielorrusia, Kate Brown revela en este libro toda la amplitud de la devastación y el encubrimiento sobre las consecuencias reales del desastre que siguió a la explosión del reactor en Chernóbil. Sus hallazgos dejan claro el impacto irreversible de la radioactividad generada por la mano del ser humano en cada ser vivo; y de manera inquietante, nos obligan a enfrentar el legado incalculable de décadas de pruebas de armas y otros incidentes nucleares, y el hecho de que estamos emergiendo en un futuro para el cual aún no se ha escrito el manual de supervivencia.

Una exposición escalofriante del esfuerzo internacional para minimizar las consecuencias para la salud y el medio ambiente de la radiación nuclear a raíz de Chernóbil.

Titulo:Manual de supervivencia
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Acerca de Kate Brown

Kate Brown is a Professor of History at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and a 2009 Guggenheim Fellow. She is the author of

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  • Will Byrnes

    Chernobyl was not a single event but was instead a point on a continuum; the radioactive contamination of Polesia lasted more than three decades. Chernobyl territory was already saturated with radi...

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    Godzilla vs Marie Curie"The system of collecting medical data was interconnected with the political system" (p.164) says ex soviet epidemiologistSilly introductionReading, I was reminded of Dirk Gentl...

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    Another amazing, well written and interesting book from Kate Brown. I have to say I am biased, I think her work is amazing. The depth of research and scope of topic is incredible, but she manages to k...

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    .I'm a fan of nuclear power. I started reading this book to gain a convincing argument against nuclear power. I don't think this is a good book for that. At each stage Kate uses flowery language to in...

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    Excellent book, very well researched, and written like a narrative instead of a non-fiction fact-pile. It is truly astonishing, however, at the international involvement in keeping the Chernobyl disas...

  • Brian D.

    Revising my review after reading many contravening takes on this event.A well-written book, perhaps, but even while reading I thought it seemed a bit improbable; as if the author was heavily aligning ...

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    This is an exhaustively researched work, which attempts to get to the truth of the health effects of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Brown’s writing is engaging despite the sometimes dry subject mat...

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    Welly well, you will come to learn a lot about emergency management, thanks to scrupulous study in archives you will become somewhat skilled in recognising radionuclides and radioactivity levels and t...

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    Access: Chatswood Public LibraryThe clear triumph of Kate Brown’s Manual for Survival is her exhaustive parsing of classified archives, in order to distil the nuances of a deeply misrepresented indu...

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    An amazing book a great sequel to Voices From Chernobyl and the recent HBO docudrama. Nonfiction that reads like fiction...

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