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If you've ever seen your teenage crush ten years later, and he turns out to be a complete jerk, then you know how Molly Ward feels.

The last time she saw Noah Griffin was the regrettable day that she decided to climb into his bedroom window and turn her unrequited crush into something more.

That day was bad enough, but things are about to get worse.

Noah has become one of the best football players in the country, and he’s just landed on Molly’s front step.

As a new addition to the Washington Wolves roster, Noah's presence is the key to Molly’s promotion in the front office.

The problem is, Noah wants nothing to do with Molly, and his surly attitude is making her job very difficult.

But he's got another thing coming if he thinks Molly will be intimidated by one grumpy football player, no matter how much he hates being around her.

Once these two go head to head, their mutual dislike explodes into undeniable chemistry. But with what they have at stake, they just might detonate everything else along with it.

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    Focused Comentarios

  • Laura

    It was as cute as a book can get. I like the couple a lot and while I wish they were explored more individually, I enjoyed them....

  • Giorgia ~ Reads

    3.75 Stars What can I say about this one..The book features a hyper focused and committed athlete who forgoes everything else in his life in order to achieve professional acclaim, and a hardworking,...

  • Melanie (mells_view)

    ”Something about him scrambled my brain waves, and if I was honest with myself, that had always been true.”Molly and Noah had a quick, hot, and nearly illegal start which led to them not being the...

  • Antonella

    dnf @ 40% I just don't care about these characters or plot or anything......

  • Seline

    3.5 stars Alright so I’ll start off by saying I really liked this book and I did enjoy it. The characters were likable and the storyline was great. I ALSO DID NOT SKIM THROUGH THIS BOOK...HOWEVER, t...

  • zaira

    "I couldn't have scripted this, couldn't have planned it, couldn't have controlled it. Because sometimes, the best things in life come straight from your blind side." Karla Sorensen is truly one of...

  • TheBibliotheque ?

    The grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one so there was *literally* no way I wouldn't have loved this.(also that cover makes me incredibly book-horny, you didn't need to know that but there ya go any...

  • ?? Nanda ??

    ❤️ Follow me on Instagram 💋I'll give it 3.5 ⭐ since this was a nice story.When I finished The marriage effect, I knew that the author would write about Logan's sisters... They were to unique ...

  • yasmin

    Some­times, the best things in life come straight from your blind side. i don't love this book nor i hate it. it's okay and a little bit boring somehow. the chemistry of noah and molly is on and o...

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads

    4.5 Stars!!!! Oh man, oh man, oh man! THIS BOOK, you guys. THE SWOON. I cannot even tell you. It's a delicious, heartfelt, sexy slow-burn that gets you in the feels. I couldn't put it down. The enemie...

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