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The Discomfort of Evening

The Discomfort of Evening

I thought about being too small for so much, but that no one told you when you were big enough ... and I asked God if he please couldn't take my brother Matthies instead of my rabbit. 'Amen.'

Jas lives with her devout farming family in the rural Netherlands. One winter's day, her older brother joins an ice skating trip; resentful at being left alone, she makes a perverse plea to God; he never returns. As grief overwhelms the farm, Jas succumbs to a vortex of increasingly disturbing fantasies, watching her family disintegrate into a darkness that threatens to derail them all.

A bestselling sensation in the Netherlands by a prize-winning young poet, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld's debut novel lays everything bare. It is a world of language unlike any other, which Michele Hutchison's striking translation captures in all its wild, violent beauty. Studded with unforgettable images - visceral, raw, surreal - The Discomfort of the Evening is a radical reading experience that will leave you changed forever.

Titulo:The Discomfort of Evening
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld grew up in a Reformed farming family in North Brabant (NL) before moving to Utrecht. One of the greatest new voices in Dutch literature, her first poetry collection,

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    Winner of the International Booker Prize 2020In this grim, claustrophobic novel, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld masterfully evokes an increasing sense of doom - on this Dutch farm, the apocalypse is nearing....

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    The struggle (and discomfort) is real with this winner of the Booker International Prize 2020. Very unsettling, sad and more than a tad nasty.It might sound crazy, but I miss my parents even though I ...

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    Winner of the International Booker, 2020 ... we've lost our way and there's no-one to ask for directions It's become a reviewer's cliché to describe a book as 'dark', but wow, this one deserves the...

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    Winner of the International Booker Prize 2020The last book I read which captured the confusion and darkness of a neglected childhood as perfectly as The Discomfort Of Evening is another Booker winner ...

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    Winner of the 2020 International Booker Prize. I nod and think about the teacher who said I’d go far with my empathy and boundless imagination, but in time I’d have to find words for it because...

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    Winner of the Booker International Prize 2020Another book that it is difficult to enjoy and even harder to assess - for me too much of the brutality seems a little gratuitous, but it is undoubtedly st...

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    This is an extremely odd book. It’s graphic but at the same time sort of detached. What really struck me was how it felt so old fashioned but on the other hand computers other signs of modernity is ...

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