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The Shadow Crosser

The Shadow Crosser

Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents J.C. Cervantes' epic finale to the Storm Runner trilogy, a tale of mystery, magic, and mayhem featuring gods from both Maya and Aztec mythology.

Zane Obispo has been looking forward to his training at the Shaman Institute for Higher Order Magic, and not only because it means he'll be reunited with his best friend, Brooks. Anything would be better than how he has spent the last three months: searching for the remaining godborns with a nasty demon who can sniff them out (literally). But when Zane tracks down the last kid on his list, he's in for a surprise: the ""one"" is actually a pair of twins, and they're trying to prevent a mysterious object from falling into the wrong hands.

After a shocking betrayal, Zane finds himself at SHIHOM sooner than expected. Even more shocking is the news that the Maya gods have gone missing. The bat god, Camazotz, and Ixkik' (aka Blood Moon) have taken them out of commission . . . and the godborns are their next target. The only thing the villains need now? The object that the twins possess.

Zane knows the godborns aren't strong enough yet to stand up to Zotz, Ixkik', and their army. There might be a way to save the gods, but it involves locating a magical calendar that can see across time and space . . . not to mention traveling more than thirty years into the past.

In The Shadow Crosser, Zane and his friends embark on their most treacherous mission yet--a mission that, with one blunder, could change history as we know it, and worse, destroy the universe.

Titulo:The Shadow Crosser
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Acerca de J.C. Cervantes

Jen is the NYT bestselling of THE STORM RUNNER series, optioned for TV by Apple. FRACTURED PATH, (2022) FLIRTING WITH FATE, (2022) THRONE OF SAND (2022)

    The Shadow Crosser Comentarios

  • megs_bookrack

    Look at this cover!!! Excuse me!!!Original:More adventures with Zane and the crew in 2020!?The world is a wonderful place!!!...

  • Spike ~Thats The Thing, Vampire Are Immortal~

    OH. MY. GAWD. SUCH A GOOD BOOK! I love how Zane and brooks finally got together, and how Ren was a big part. i love ren, she's one of my fav character. I like how-actually, not like- love how J.C. Cer...

  • Wendelle

    This was a very entertaining epic/quest fantasy for children, it's so sad that this is the final book in the series, as the characters are endearing and the settings are grand, hopefully a spinoff awa...

  • Yara Abbo

    **4 stars**Really really liked this conclusion!-Stakes were RAISED -I said this about the last two books but I love how much time is taken to developing the world. I think the success in world-buildin...

  • Hannah Galler

    This was such a great series! I loved learning about the Maya and Aztec mythology, which definitely feels like something that is never written into fiction. I am sad that it's over now though! About h...

  • Amita

    My favorite of the trilogy and a fitting end to this series! There are so many great characters, especially in the supporting cast, and that's what I really love most about these books.Ren has my whol...

  • Aaron Exists

    4.4 stars in my insane rating system. I’m not sure how much of the time travel was under explanation, and how much was me not understanding, but I have developed my own for a book I am writing, so I...

  • Hunter McCoy

    By far my favorite book of the trio I could not put this thing down highly highly recommend...

  • Barb Middleton

    This was funnier than the other two. Villains the same and some predictability but great fun....

  • Jason

    A satisfying conclusion to the Storm Runner series. Zane: amazing character and enjoy reading his story.Romantic subplot: satisfying conclusion to many romantic subplot that occurs throughout the seri...

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