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Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains

Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains

A galvanizing and powerful debut, Mill Town is an American story, a human predicament, and a moral wake-up call that asks: what are we willing to tolerate and whose lives are we willing to sacrifice for our own survival?

Kerri Arsenault grew up in the rural working class town of Mexico, Maine. For over 100 years the community orbited around a paper mill that employs most townspeople, including three generations of Arsenault’s own family. Years after she moved away, Arsenault realized the price she paid for her seemingly secure childhood. The mill, while providing livelihoods for nearly everyone, also contributed to the destruction of the environment and the decline of the town’s economic, physical, and emotional health in a slow-moving catastrophe, earning the area the nickname “Cancer Valley.”

Mill Town is an personal investigation, where Arsenault sifts through historical archives and scientific reports, talks to family and neighbors, and examines her own childhood to illuminate the rise and collapse of the working-class, the hazards of loving and leaving home, and the ambiguous nature of toxics and disease. Mill Town is a moral wake-up call that asks, Whose lives are we willing to sacrifice for our own survival?

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Acerca de Kerri Arsenault

I am the Book Review Editor for Orion magazine, Contributing Editor at, and teach nonfiction in The Master of Arts program in Writing and Oral Traditions at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT. My forthcoming book, MILL TOWN: Reckoning with What Remains is out 9/1/2020 from St. Martin’s Press.

    Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains Comentarios

  • Nicole Wagner

    This book has more layers than an onion. Layers that telescope from what happens inside one girl's growing up journey, inside her family, inside one city, one region, and bigger into our culture and o...

  • Maj

    Any book that starts with a statement made in 1857 that is on point with the world of today peaks my interest. In this case, Kerri opens her book with a quote Frederick Douglass made in a speech 3 Aug...

  • Jessica Haider

    Mill Town is new memoir that is a reflection on family, small town life, the impact industry has on the environment and small towns and more. This is a thoughtful book that wanders seamlessly from per...

  • Michael Asen

    This is a great book about the Maine you do not see when visiting Vacationland. Part memoir about growing up in a mill town and part peeling back the onion on carcinogenic elements of living in such a...

  • Kim Fox

    Such a fascinating book!! Part history lesson, part Genealogy, part environmental study, part family, and part small town. The authors research in how the paper mill in her small town, affected not ju...

  • Bonnye Reed

    I received a free electronic copy of this excellent personal history from Netgalley, Kerri Arsenault, and St. Martin's Press on August 13, 2020. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me. I hav...

  • Stefani

    ***I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Macmillan Audio and Netgalley!***I’m not entirely sure where this book went wrong for me. Maybe I am not the r...

  • Jeff

    MEmoir/ History / Political Treatise... all in one package. I'll be honest, I picked up this book thinking it would be a bit closer to my own history of being in and around a mill town. In my case, th...

  • Maureen

    I am a born New Englander from New Hampshire and Massachusetts and I grew up and have lived old milltowns myself. Whilst they are quaint and have now been recycled into housing, schools and art galler...

  • Michael Curtiss

    I received MILL TOWN on a Tuesday and it hooked me from the first page. I got up to page 182 before calling it a night, then picked it up Wednesday morning at 7 am and finished it that afternoon.As I ...

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