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Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic

Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic

New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster is here to help you chill the hell out.

When did USA become shorthand for the United States of Anxiety? From the moment Americans wake up, we’re bombarded with all-new terrifying news about crime, the environment, politics, and stroke-inducing foods we’ve been enjoying for years. We’re judged by social media’s faceless masses, pressured into maintaining a Pinterest-perfect home, and expected to base our self-worth on retweets, faves, likes, and followers. Our collective FOMO, and the disparity between the ideal and reality, is leading us to spend more and feel worse. No wonder we’re getting twitchy. Save for an Independence Day–style alien invasion, how do we begin to escape from the stressors that make up our days?

Jen Lancaster is here to take a hard look at our elevating anxieties, and with self-deprecating wit and levelheaded wisdom, she charts a path out of the quagmire that keeps us frightened of the future and ashamed of our imperfectly perfect human lives. Take a deep breath, and her advice, and you just might get through a holiday dinner without wanting to disown your uncle.

Titulo:Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic
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Acerca de Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster is the author of her own memoirs including: as Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights, Big Ass, Such A Pretty Fat, Pretty in Plaid, My Fair Lazy, and the newest: Jeneration X.

    Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic Comentarios

  • Melki

    I was so excited when I saw Jen Lancaster's latest book was the Amazon Prime freebie for September that I almost squealed. I started in on it immediately on September first, and now, over a month late...

  • Susan Bazzett-Griffith

    Never thought I'd read another Jen Lancaster book- I liked several of her earlier books, but her fiction never wad my thing and in recent years, i just don't appreciate privileged snark the way I once...

  • Becki

    So -. .read it. . . .where is Jen Lancaster and who is this "woke" person who wrote this book? And what IS this book? Have been a big fan for a long time - but ugh . .so much of this 'wokeness' - a li...

  • Jennie

    I’m really not sure what I just read. Jen Lancaster used to be an author whose books I would buy based on just her name on the cover. That stopped awhile ago. But every time there’s a deal on one,...

  • Jamie Jack

    Intensely Personal Humorous NonfictionWhen I first opened this book, I loved the cartoon of Maslow's hierarchy at the beginning. Most of us who've been to college in the last 30 or 40 years are famili...


    Trite and unconvincing. Clever ideas -- such as updating Abraham Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" from 1943 to the present day -- flit by, sometimes with success, just as often not. I often felt that a G...

  • Elizabeth

    Let me start by saying I’m a devout Jen Lancaster fan. I have read EVERY SINGLE BOOK she’s written and I follow her on social media. I’ve seen her 3 times when she would travel on book tours, pr...

  • Michele

    I picked this as my first read for September and hate myself for it.I made it to 60 % and just couldn't torture myself anymore.Life is too short to read a bad book and this is a bad book.The writing i...

  • Melissa (LifeFullyBooked)

    Solid read overall, but got a bit bogged down with information. This is a slight departure from Lancaster's previous non-fiction memoirs. It's not a memoir as such, but she does incorporate quite a bi...

  • Emily

    A good reminder why I stopped reading Jen Lancaster books. Started out amusing and fun, but quickly spiraled into nonsense rambling and stupid childhood stories. Thank God it was free through Amazon f...

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