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The Wright Sister

The Wright Sister

An epistolary novel of historical fiction that imagines the life of Katharine Wright and her relationship with her famous brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright.

On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the world's first airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, establishing the Wright Brothers as world-renowned pioneers of flight. Known to far fewer people was their whip-smart and well-educated sister Katharine, a suffragette and early feminist.

After Wilbur passed away, Katharine lived with and took care of her increasingly reclusive brother Orville, who often turned to his more confident and supportive sister to help him through fame and fortune. But when Katharine became engaged to their mutual friend, Harry Haskell, Orville felt abandoned and betrayed. He smashed a pitcher of flowers against a wall and refused to attend the wedding or speak to Katharine or Harry. As the years went on, the siblings grew further and further apart.

In The Wright Sister, Patty Dann wonderfully imagines the blossoming of Katharine, revealed in her "Marriage Diary"--in which she emerges as a frank, vibrant, intellectually and socially engaged, sexually active woman coming into her own--and her one-sided correspondence with her estranged brother as she hopes to repair their fractured relationship. Even though she pictures "Orv" throwing her letters away, Katharine cannot contain her joie de vivre, her love of married life, her strong advocacy of the suffragette cause, or her abiding affection for her stubborn sibling as she fondly recalls their shared life.

An inspiring and poignant chronicle of feminism, family, and forgiveness, The Wright Sister is an unforgettable portrait of a woman, a sister of inventors, who found a way to reinvent herself.

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    The Wright Sister Comentarios

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    3.5 stars!Being a native North Carolinian who grew up visiting the beaches of Kitty Hawk, I have long been fascinated with the Wright brothers and their first flight. How intriguing to learn more abou...

  • Jenna

    More like 3.5 Stars.I really enjoyed this one! A huge thank you to the author and publisher for my advanced copy. What I liked- The Cover- The cover is stunning. The Format- This novel is in an episto...

  • Morgan

    I especially love epistolary books. However, if you are writing an entire book about a real person letters and diary entries should be real.To invent 207 pages of letters and diary entries for a real ...

  • Amanda Hupe

    Thank you, Harper Perennial and Patty Dann for the opportunity to read this book!First of all, just look at this cover! It is just stunning. Upon seeing the cover of The Wright Sister by Patty Dunn I ...

  • Tiffany

    This book is definitely for all the history buffs out there. As I read along I found myself checking Google to learn more about each character and I was in awe of Katherine. She was one of the origina...

  • Chelsie

    This novel is about the Wright brother’s sister, Katharine, with an A! It is written through letters that Katharine wrote to Orville in her older years, and also as entires in her own marriage diary...

  • Stefanie

    You grab a pristine sheet of paper from the ream and breathe in the soothing pulp scent of the page. You lay it flat on the desk and smooth your hand over it, prepping it for the words it’s about to...

  • Susan Peterson

    Katharine Wright was the sister of Orville and Wilbur Wright, and after Wilbur died, she became the reclusive Orville’s caretaker. This epistolary novel begins in 1926, when, at the age of 52, Katha...

  • Tina Rae

    So I quite enjoyed this one! Tell any story through letters or journals or diary entries and I am immediately hooked! It makes for a quicker, more interesting read in my opinion. So I loved the journa...

  • Moira

    This is an epistolary novel of historical fiction that looks at the life of Katherine Wright and her famous brothers, Wilbur and Orville. I know so little about the Wright Brothers that I never once c...

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