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The Cursed Fae King

The Cursed Fae King

Curses and crowns.

That’s what it takes to make a crumbling kingdom. And the Northern Kingdom, it’ll soon be an empire of dusty remains if we can’t find our enemies hiding in plain sight.

King Iri isn’t exactly my ally in all of this either. The prophecy and our marriage are all he’s focused on. It’s all he thinks he needs to keep his kingdom’s faith.

Faith isn’t strong enough for what we need though. It won’t stop whoever is behind all this from spreading death across his lands like wildfire.

We don’t need faith at all.

We need revenge.

NOTE: The Cruel Fae King is a fiery, panty melting enemies to lovers tale intended for readers 18 and over. Fans of Holly Black, Sarah J Maas, and all things sexy fae will fall in lusty hate with the Cursed Kingdoms Series.

Reading Order
The Cruel Fae King
The Cursed Fae King - Releasing Dec 10th
Book Three - Release date coming soon

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Acerca de A.K. Koonce

A.K. Koonce is a USA Today best selling author. She's a mom by day and a fantasy and paranormal romance author by night. She keeps the fantastical stories in her mind on an endless loop, while she tries her best to focus on her actual life and not that of the spectacular but demanding fictional characters who always fill her thoughts

    The Cursed Fae King Comentarios

  • Tasnima1329

    I really liked the end of the book.Loved the fact that they finally confessed their feelings for each other.Only problem I had was Iri's ex. Can't believe he still kept her around and because of the t...

  • Zimt

    Syren is described as a warrior princess who is also quite intelligent. In this book she tries to find a cure like a scientist but on the other side she is working with Aisha which is quite stupid. Al...

  • Monika Falcon

    I need the next one!Its not often that i say this anymore...BUT I NEED THE NEXT BOOK...i have to know what happens next, and it takes a really good author to write characters and a world interesting e...

  • Raveen Vann

    The second book in this really great series and I love it so much. Really like the entire storyline altogether. Couldn't put down and am so ready for more....

  • Jason

    Way too shortI do enjoy this series and story even if it’s on the bleak side. Although I love the heroine. Bear is just shy of crazy. He is not right for her in my opinion.I think with a longer book...

  • Staciamedusa

    I've really enjoyed this series so far. This is the first book i've read by this author and so far i'm a fan. I love the dynamic between Syren and "Bear" The idea of the story i think is a good one. F...

  • Izzy

    I'm sorry to say that this was awful. It's so awful it's on the "Wtf just happened?" scale. Have the authors given up on writing a fantasy romance? Based on the first book, the story is set in a fae w...

  • Latasha Scruggs

    Jumping back into this series was great, I absolutely love that these characters build up their love for one another. No insta-love here. Bear is definitely my husband. He has fallen into his role wit...

  • Tori

    This book was not my favorite. I have some issues with the writing. She has some great components to the book, but never developes then. For instance Jubilee didn’t make an appearance in the first b...

  • Talia

    The series I never knew I needed. I’ve been on a RH kick for a while now and it’s been hard for MF books to hold my attention. When I read book 1 in this series, I loved it I didn’t think the se...
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