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Vanishing Falls

Vanishing Falls

One of CrimeReads Most Anticipated Books of the Year!

"This literary thriller paints as vivid a landscape as any book coming out this summer...Gee creates a lush, tantalizing world that readers will want to travel into deeper and deeper."—CrimeReads

Celia Lily is rich, beautiful, and admired. She’s also missing. And the search for the glamorous socialite is about to expose all the dark, dirty secrets of Vanishing Falls…

Deep within the lush Tasmanian rainforest is the remote town of Vanishing Falls, a place with a storied past. The town’s showpiece, built in the 1800s, is its Calendar House—currently occupied by Jack Lily, a prominent art collector and landowner; his wife, Celia; and their four daughters. The elaborate, eccentrically designed mansion houses one masterpiece and 52 rooms—and Celia Lily isn’t in any of them. She has vanished without a trace.…

Joelle Smithton knows that a few folks in Vanishing Falls believe that she’s simple-minded. It’s true that Joelle’s brain works a little differently—a legacy of shocking childhood trauma. But Joelle sees far more than most people realize, and remembers details that others cast away. For instance, she knows that Celia’s husband, Jack, has connections to unsavory local characters whom he’s desperate to keep hidden. He’s not the only one in town with something to conceal. Even Joelle’s own husband, Brian, a butcher, is acting suspiciously. While the police flounder, unable to find Celia, Joelle is gradually parsing the truth from the gossip she hears and from the simple gestures and statements that can unwittingly reveal so much.  

Just as the water from the falls disappears into the ground, gushing away through subterranean creeks, the secrets in Vanishing Falls are pulsing through the town, about to converge. And when they do, Joelle must summon the courage to reveal what really happened to Celia, even if it means exposing her own past…

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Acerca de Poppy Gee

Poppy Gee is the author of the novels BAY OF FIRES and VANISHING FALLS. Both novels are set in Tasmania, Australia, where Poppy grew up.

    Vanishing Falls Comentarios

  • Melissa ~ Bantering Books

    1.5 starsMonths ago, I made a promise to myself. I swore to always write fair and honest book reviews. I swore to never pad ratings out of sympathy. I swore to never award unwarranted low ratings.For ...

  • Katie B

    I really enjoyed this mystery and while I had ideas of what happened to one of the characters, I didn't crack the case until right before the author revealed everything. Some readers might not like th...

  • Patricia

    Celia Lily is from a small Tasmanian town in the rain forest; she is also missing. Joelle Smithton is a little slow and sees a lot of things people are not aware of. People are not ready for what is a...

  • Faith

    This is a mystery about the disappearance of Claire Lily. Each chapter of this book is rather awkwardly broken into sections describing the doings of three characters - Joelle, a mentally challenged w...

  • DeAnn

    *this one is now available!4 slow-build starsThis one is set on the island of Tasmania, which is located about 150 miles south of Melbourne, Australia. For some reason, I thought it was desert, but it...

  • Laurie Murphy

    Jack Lily arrives home to find the front door of his house wide open, the lights on and his wife's coat, jewelry and a half-drunk glass of champagne carelessly abandoned. His wife, however, cannot be ...

  • Jen

    I was able to have this free early ebook edition as part of William Morrow Scene of the Crime Early Read program!4⭐️The story is a bit slow in the beginning, and it took a while to pick up, maybe ...

  • Brandy {The Review Booth}

    Vanishing Falls is quite a twisty little thriller. As the tale continues several reasons that could be a motive amongst several different people emerge. I only suspected towards the end of the novel b...

  • Megan

    The setting of this mystery novel sounded intriguing to me, as I couldn't recall having read a novel set in Tasmania previously. I would describe this as having a very slow-burn feel, as the plot proc...

  • Vicki

    This is a leisurely paced mystery set in a remote town in Tasmania, not a thriller as it says on the book jacket. As long as you’re not looking for a fast-paced adventure, you may enjoy the lush, ex...

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