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The Death of Vivek Oji

The Death of Vivek Oji

Raised by a distant father and an understanding but overprotective mother, Vivek suffers disorienting blackouts, moments of disconnection between self and surroundings. As adolescence gives way to adulthood, Vivek finds solace in friendships with the warm, boisterous daughters of the Nigerwives, foreign-born women married to Nigerian men.

But Vivek’s closest bond is with Osita, the worldly, high-spirited cousin whose teasing confidence masks a guarded private life. As their relationship deepens—and Osita struggles to understand Vivek’s escalating crisis—the mystery gives way to a heart-stopping act of violence in a moment of exhilarating freedom.

Propulsively readable, teeming with unforgettable characters, The Death of Vivek Oji is a novel of family and friendship that challenges expectations—a dramatic story of loss and transcendence that will move every reader.

Titulo:The Death of Vivek Oji
Idioma de edición:English
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Acerca de Akwaeke Emezi

    The Death of Vivek Oji Comentarios

  • noelle

    I can’t tell you how this book sliced through me. The back of the book says, “Dazzling” and that’s the only word good enough for it. ...

  • The Artisan Geek

    ------------------ BOOK REVIEW -----------------2/8/20My video review is up on my YouTube channel :)------------------READING VLOG-----------------3/2/20Stayed up till 4:30 AM to finish this beauty an...

  • Gabby

    This book made me bawl my eyes out 😭 it was so good and so sad and so damn beautiful. Easy 5/5 for me. It reminded me quite a bit of A Little Life in a way, with the gorgeous thought provoking writ...

  • karen

    looking for great books to read during black history month...and the other eleven months? i'm going to float some of my favorites throughout the month, and i hope they will find new readers!Freshwater...

  • Angela M

    3+ stars. One of the strengths of this novel is the writing, really beautiful prose and images. “If this story was a stack of photographs- the old kind, rounded at the corners and kept in albums und...

  • ELLIAS (elliasreads)

    excuse me while i go lie in bed and wallow in my misery and broken thoughts clutching this beautiful book close to my heart....i didn't cry because my tear ducts are too dry. 4.5 STARS TO THIS BEAUTIF...

  • Swaroop

    "I often wonder if I died in the best possible way..." In The Death of Vivek Oji, Akwaeke Emezi through her beautiful writing brings to life a protagonist, who dies with a broken heart and painfully m...

  • s.penkevich

    ‘It was the clearest terror and pleasure I had ever known.’Have you ever wondered what it felt like finishing a novel before it was dubbed a “Classic?” Upon turning the final page in Akwaeke E...

  • Larry H

    The Death of Vivek Oji , Akwaeke Emeze's newest novel, is easily one of the best, most powerful books I’ve read all year.One day in Nigeria a woman finds the body of her son, Vivek, on the porch ...

  • Elyse  Walters

    No spoilers...If I had read this book earlier...I might have written a - more descriptive review....[they have been done]. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel - when it doesn’t need reinventin...

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