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Economy of Truth: Practical Maxims and Reflections

Economy of Truth: Practical Maxims and Reflections

“Highly readable and thought-provoking ... A very pleasant and creative work.”

– Dr. Larry Sanger, ex-founder of Wikipedia

Economy of Truth is a valiant attempt to urge philosophers to become action-takers and action-takers to become philosophers.

In an impactful and enjoyable manner, this book will challenge your long-held mental models about happiness, intelligence, meaning, purpose, ethics, and creativity. Vizi will encourage you to become an artist among robots and a student of life – to domesticate everything which you cannot see, explain or understand.

Readers who come to this book expecting practical guidance will not be disappointed, but they will be delighted to see that such guidance is being delivered rather artistically – via short stories that read like modern poetry, beautifully accompanied by vivid illustrations.

“An urgent book ... Vizi's work is bursting with many irreverent lessons ready to help you remove the chains of modernity. This book will sharpen your thinking and help you gain clarity on a variety of crucial topics.”

– Ruben Chavez, founder of ThinkGrowProsper

“Written in a quaint voice, this book charms the reader – mixing just the right amount of reflective self-awareness with cutting insight. For those who consider musings of great import, a pleasant stroll through Economy of Truth would be time well-spent.”

– Jack Peach, teacher & researcher

“A well-reasoned collection of meditations ... They will contagiously make you think!”

– Luca Dellanna, author of The Power of Adaptation

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Acerca de Vizi Andrei

Vizi Andrei is a Romanian artist. Vizi writes about life, creativity, and mental models. His style is concise, impactful, and irreverent.

    Economy of Truth: Practical Maxims and Reflections Comentarios

  • John Robertson

    Great book! It could be improved though.To be perfectly honest, I was very skeptical about this book. Only very few writers were able to put together good books of maxims and reflections.The best part...

  • Matthew

    You probably won’t agree with many paragraphs from this book, but if you keep an open mind, you’re still going to enjoy it.I particularly liked 3 chapters: the Hidden Curses of Modernity, Drinking...

  • Joel Smith

    Loved it.Best part: The “meaning of life” is a very abstract and paradoxically deeply reductionist notion. Although it exists in our human language, it doesn’t mean it should refer to something ...

  • Ryan Gross

    I wish I could see more artwork. I think of Vizi more like an artist rather than only a writer. It’s unique to see someone mix together practical and impactful philosophy with clever illustrations. ...

  • Jesper

    A well succeeded attempt at humbly analyzing where action and theory should meet. This book accurately (not objectively!) grasps several historical and contemporary problems arising from humanity’s ...

  • Coby Roberts

    This book is for opened minded people who enjoy pushing their own thoughts and beliefs. Through years of work Vizi Andrei has made a compilation of beautifully structured portions of thought that crea...

  • George Lu

    Instagram motivational quotes meets surface-level philosophy meets format hype for a specific audience. These reflections are teenager 'deep' - Eg. "To call yourself a 'realistic' person is intensely ...

  • Luke Hart

    Clever, humble, entertaining, pleasurable, practical, addictive. ...

  • Jese Buckmaster

    Bought this as soon as I saw it became #1 in Meditation and Philosophy (Kindle) on Amazon.Get the paperback version. It has clever illustrations. Vizi is not only a writer, but an artist. You should c...

  • Theodor Andreassen

    It was an intellectual journey through a well read and humble mind. I definitely recommend people to read it!Thank you Vizi for taking the time to write this magnificent book!Best RegardsT. Andreassen...

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