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With a Star in My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero

With a Star in My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero

A novel in verse about Rubén Darío, the Nicaraguan poet and folk hero who initiated the literary movement of Modernismo.

As a little boy, Rubén Darío loved to listen to his great uncle, a man who told tall tales in a booming, larger-than-life voice. Rubén quickly learned the magic of storytelling, and discovered the rapture and beauty of verse.

A restless and romantic soul, Rubén traveled across Central and South America seeking adventure and connection. As he discovered new places and new loves, he wrote poems to express his wild storm of feelings. But the traditional forms felt too restrictive. He began to improvise his own poetic forms so he could capture the entire world in his words. At the age of twenty-one, he published his first book Azul, which heralded a new literary movement called Modernismo that blended poetry and prose.

Titulo:With a Star in My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero
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Acerca de Margarita Engle

Margarita Engle is a Cuban-American poet, novelist, and journalist whose work has been published in many countries. She lives with her husband in northern California.

    With a Star in My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero Comentarios

  • Alex  Baugh

    Engle explores the life of Rubén Darío. Born in Nicaragua, abandoned by his mother, Rubén began experimenting with different, more complex poetry forms at such a young age, he became known as el ni...

  • Melody

    What a wonderful way to learn about a noted poet ... through poetry!...

  • Ruth

    Margarita Engle crafts a beautiful novel-in-verse of the early life of Nicaraguan national poet Rubin Dario. The prose is alive with vivid words painting Dario’s world filled with emotion as he expe...

  • Claire Annette

    With a Star in My Hand is a biography written in verse about Nicaragua's national poet. Abandoned by his mother as a child, Rubén Darío, was raised by his great uncle, El Bocon – Big Mouth and his...

  • Alicia

    Reviewing this for a professional magazine, so see final (amazing) review there. ...

  • Courtney

    Rubén Darío was a Nicaraguan poet who became famous for his poetry at a young age. In this biography-in-verse, Margarita Engle follows Darío from his early childhood to when he had his first book o...

  • Rebecca

    A poet writes poems about a poet.✨✨But seriously, this is stunning. Engle expertly weaves together a novel in verse on the early life of Rubén Darío. 🖊 It’s packed with emotional poetry tha...

  • Anne

    Ruben Dario was abandoned by his mom in a field of cows when he was very young. He was taken in and adopted by older family members. He was always fascinated by words and poetry and began writing poem...

  • Lauren

    A decent biography of the famous Nicaraguan poet set to poems written by Engle. Engle does a good job of creating a readable narrative while focusing on highlights of Darío’s life and mostly avoidi...

  • Jenny Staller

    Not quite historical fiction, not quite nonfiction look at the life of Ruben Dario, a Nicaraguan poet. Told in verse, this novel explains his importance to the poetry community and how he was revoluti...

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