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The Cactus League

The Cactus League

An explosive, character-driven odyssey through the world of baseball
Jason Goodyear is the star outfielder for the Los Angeles Lions, stationed with the rest of his team in the punishingly hot Arizona desert for their annual spring training. Handsome, famous, and talented, Goodyear is nonetheless coming apart at the seams. And the coaches, writers, wives, girlfriends, petty criminals, and diehard fans following his every move are eager to find out why--as they hide secrets of their own.

Humming with the energy of a ballpark before the first pitch, Emily Nemens' The Cactus League unravels the tightly connected web of people behind a seemingly linear game. Narrated by a sportscaster, Goodyear's story is interspersed with tales of Michael Taylor, a batting coach trying to stay relevant; Tamara Rowland, a resourceful spring-training paramour, looking for one last catch; Herb Allison, a legendary sports agent grappling with his decline; and a plethora of other richly drawn characters, all striving to be seen as the season approaches. It's a journey that, like the Arizona desert, brims with both possibility and destruction.

Anchored by an expert knowledge of baseball's inner workings, Emily Nemens's The Cactus League is a propulsive and deeply human debut that captures a strange desert world that is both exciting and unforgiving, where the most crucial games are the ones played off the field.

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Acerca de Emily Nemens

    The Cactus League Comentarios

  • Fran

    Nothing is static. "...not a man's career, especially not a ballplayer the first weeks of spring. His batting average, his ambition, his hopes: all is in flux." Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Arizon...

  • Drew

    5+ out of 5.I don't like baseball. Never found it terribly interesting to watch. So why, then, do I find it so compelling to read? Perhaps it is the structure, a hypothesis about which Robert Coover a...

  • Lorna

    The Cactus League was a delightful debut novel by Emily Nemens. It actually was a series of short stories, all loosely woven together by our narrator, a former sports journalist from a now defunct new...

  • Dax

    Most people are probably going to focus on Nemens’ use of the multiple POV, a structure she utilizes with much success (except for the chapter centering around the team owner with a bruised ego, as ...

  • Matthew

    3.5 stars.I love baseball. A lot. Just how much do I love baseball? So much so I included it as one of my interests on my Goodreads profile! In all seriousness, it’s been a love affair of mine since...

  • Allison

    As a fan of both baseball and literary fiction I thought I’d love this book. Unfortunately, it was not sufficiently about baseball nor “literary” enough and I did not love it. That’s harsh: I ...

  • Christine

    I *really* wanted to enjoy this. Love baseball. Thought it was right up my alley. It was so SLOW, I couldn’t slog my way through it. Too much detail, didn’t care about the characters, parts of it ...

  • Scottsdale Public Library

    If you know the Valley of the Sun, Cactus League baseball or are a fan of sports fiction, this is the book for you! Being a resident of Scottsdale, AZ, I was especially intrigued by the many local ref...

  • Abraham Allende

    Each year during Spring Training I pick up a baseball book to ease me into the mood for the season. Normally, it's non-fiction; a biography of a former player, or a historical account of a significant...

  • Gail

    I love a good book about baseball, and since the coronavirus has wrecked havoc on this year’s MLB season, this novel (made up of linked stories about a cast of characters whose lives revolve around...

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