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The Man in the Red Coat

The Man in the Red Coat

The Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sense of an Ending takes us on a rich, witty tour of Belle Epoque Paris, via the life story of the pioneering surgeon Samuel Pozzi

In the summer of 1885, three Frenchmen arrived in London for a few days’ shopping. One was a Prince, one was a Count, and the third was a commoner with an Italian name, who four years earlier had been the subject of one of John Singer Sargent’s greatest portraits. The commoner was Samuel Pozzi, society doctor, pioneer gynaecologist and free-thinker – a rational and scientific man with a famously complicated private life.

Pozzi's life played out against the backdrop of the Parisian Belle Epoque. The beautiful age of glamour and pleasure more often showed its ugly side: hysterical, narcissistic, decadent and violent, a time of rampant prejudice and blood-and-soil nativism, with more parallels to our own age than we might imagine.

The Man in the Red Coat is at once a fresh and original portrait of the Belle Epoque – its heroes and villains, its writers, artists and thinkers – and a life of a man ahead of his time. Witty, surprising and deeply researched, the new book from Julian Barnes illuminates the fruitful and longstanding exchange of ideas between Britain and France, and makes a compelling case for keeping that exchange alive.

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Acerca de Julian Barnes

Julian Patrick Barnes is a contemporary English writer of postmodernism in literature. He has been shortlisted three times for the Man Booker Prize--- Flaubert's Parrot (1984), England, England (1998), and Arthur & George (2005), and won the prize for The Sense of an Ending (2011). He has written crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.

    The Man in the Red Coat Comentarios

  • Beata

    Julian Barnes has done it ... He wrote a book that I read twice, which has not happened to me this year ... The book, which has three central characters, two aristocrats and a commoner who became an a...

  • Meike

    In this nonfictional account, Barnes paints a busy picture of Belle Epoque Paris and London, thus evoking a time of duels and dandyism, the rise of modernity with its faith in rationality, individuali...

  • Kalliope

    With this book I felt I was calling Bingo: a full Line of the winning five numbers. And in a way, Barnes selecting as illustrations to his text the cards that the grocer Félix Potin included in their...

  • David Wineberg

    I am not in the habit of picking up biographies of people I never heard of and have no idea why I should. But Julian Barnes proved me quite wrong. He did it in an unusual way, with a dramatic portrait...

  • Boo

    3.5⭐️ I love reading about Pozzi, but I found this book to be too much about others and not enough about him. It also came across very choppy. But an interesting read especially in conjunction wit...

  • Rebecca

    I completely misjudged this one: I thought it would be historical fiction, but it's actually narrative nonfiction about an obscure historical figure. I found it dull and impenetrable and gave up after...

  • Denise Mullins

    While this book promises illuminating insights into the Belle Epoque, focusing on Samuel Pozzi, a doctor "who lived passionately in the moment", it reads like a choppy redundant grocery list of people...

  • Richard Newton

    This book starts wonderfully, and for a short while I thought it was going to be fantastic, but then it descends to being a random mess of a book. Having finished it, I could not really tell you what ...

  • Joy Becker

    I had high hopes for this book, even after realizing it was not a novel, but it just fell flat for me.First, the positives. This is a gorgeous book. With its glossy, thick pages, and beautiful artwork...

  • Sorin Hadrc?

    Well-written and obsessively researched, this biography allows you to immerse in Paris of the Belle Epoque, a fancy perhaps, given that it is Barnes' cup of tea, but also a manifesto: in your face bre...

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