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House of X / Powers of X

House of X / Powers of X

Mutants are the future, and the future begins now! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINITY, SECRET WARS) takes the reigns of the X-Men universe with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva to change the way you look at every X-Men story. HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X intertwine to reveal the secret past, present, future, and far future of Mutantkind! It all starts when Charles Xavier reveals his new masterplan for Mutantkind, one that will bring mutants out of the shadow of humanity and into the light.

COLLECTING: House of X 1-6, Powers of X 1-6

Titulo:House of X / Powers of X
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Acerca de Jonathan Hickman

It’s no small thing to die and be born again.

    House of X / Powers of X Comentarios

  • Tiago

    Mutants have been persecuted throughout the entire Marvel history, they've been killed and abused over and over again.... NO MORE!Jonathan Hickman wrote one of the best franchise relaunches I have eve...

  • Sam Quixote

    The only interesting thing Marvel Comics did in 2019 was finally take a firm grip of their X-Men line - which has been floundering aimlessly for years with numerous silly and pointless death/marriage/...

  • Artemy

    A masterpiece and an instant classic. Quite possibly the best thing Hickman's ever written, and I'm almost sure the best X-Men run... ever. Easily the best thing to happen in comics all year, which is...

  • Khurram

    A truly epic story. Nothing short of a new world order. These stories House of X and Power of X needed to br put together, I could not imagine having them separately and then trying to put them togeth...

  • James DeSantis

    House of X made X-Men a MUST read title once more. The thing is I didn't hate recent X-Men runs. One a few years ago by Bendis was pretty good, I liked some of Taylor's run as well as Astoning X-Men b...

  • Brandon St Mark

    Really great refresh of the X-Men franchise. This has a lot of concepts and themes that I find really interesting. I have all of the follow-up titles’ first volumes preordered (wow that was word sal...

  • Malum

    If any comic need a hard reboot it was the X-Men, and this was a really good one at that. The only negatives are that it was a bit confusing in places (I had to read an article explaining a bit of it)...

  • Anas

    Tingles... This was perfection. I can't wait to see where the Dawn of X takes us.. Strap in folks, Hickman's taking us for a wild ride!...

  • Cheese

    A modern classic in its infancy. Wild ideas and fantastic execution....

  • Richard

    "Humans of the planet Earth. While you slept, the world changed."-Professor X THE. HYPE. IS. REAL. I've been a pretty big X-Men fan ever since I was a kid. I'm mostly a DC comics fan now but when ...

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