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A Nail the Evening Hangs on

A Nail the Evening Hangs on

In her debut collection, Monica Sok uses poetry to reshape a family's memory about the Khmer Rouge regime—memory that is both real and imagined—according to a child of refugees. Driven by myth-making and fables, the poems examine the inheritance of the genocide and the profound struggles of searing grief and PTSD. Though the landscape of Cambodia is always present, it is the liminal space, the in-betweenness of diaspora, in which younger generations must reconcile their history and create new rituals. A Nail the Evening Hangs On seeks to reclaim the Cambodian narrative with tenderness and an imagination that moves towards wholeness and possibility.

Titulo:A Nail the Evening Hangs on
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Acerca de Monica Sok

Monica Sok is a Cambodian American poet and the daughter of refugees. She is the author of

    A Nail the Evening Hangs on Comentarios

  • Monique

    This really hurt. I somehow managed to read the book in one sitting but it wasn't easy — there were poems that made my arms shake, and I'd just lie down and stare at my ceiling until I stopped tremb...

  • Jenna

    I'd first come across Monica Sok's work years ago, in poetry salons and magazines and conferences, so I was excited to see her debut book published this year. The first lines of the opening poem, "Ask...

  • Natalie Eilbert

    I wrote a review forthcoming about this collection but the tl;dr is this book should be celebrated as one of the best books published this year. It’s utterly remarkable. Not a word is wasted. ...

  • Ming

    This collection of poetry magnifies the voices of Khmer and Southeast Asian refugees.  The pieces here are poignant and bittersweet.   I especially liked "Windfall," "In a Room of One Thousand Budd...

  • Melissa

    A stunning debut collection that filters her family's memories of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia through poems that are lush and stark at the same time. Particularly telling are the poems set at museums ...

  • Dana Sweeney

    A strong debut collection that serves as both tribute and testament — a testament to Sok’s experiences of displacement and inheritance in the Cambodian diaspora, and a tribute to suffering and sur...

  • Cody Stetzel

    Having just finished this work, I wanted to quickly write about how stunning it is in both its concept and lyric. The poems herein are riddled with cultural fragmentation, belonging and becoming, coll...

  • Christian

    How do you write a trauma your family experienced? How to you express genetic memory? This is how. ...

  • Annie Yotova

    I do not know a lot about Cambodia - I had read some history, I had read a lot of news from the country (they keep getting there...) and I can find it on a map but I do not know the country or the peo...

  • Margarita Cruz

    Too early to say my favorite read of 2021? The way Sok balances grief and memory and identity among the family's turmoil during the Khmer Rouge regime (imagined and real) in the waves of sparkling ver...

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