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HTTP/2 in Action

HTTP/2 in Action

HTTP/2 in Action is a complete guide to HTTP/2, one of the core protocols of the web. Because HTTP/2 has been designed to be easy to transition to, including keeping it backwards compatible, adoption is rapid and expected to increase over the next few years. Concentrating on practical matters, this interesting book presents key HTTP/2 concepts such as frames, streams, and multiplexing and explores how they affect the performance and behavior of your websites.

HTTP—Hypertext Transfer Protocol—is the standard for exchanging messages between websites and browsers. And after 20 years, it's gotten a much-needed upgrade. With support for streams, server push, header compression, and prioritization, HTTP/2 delivers vast improvements in speed, security, and efficiency.
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HTTP/2 in Action teaches you everything you need to know to use HTTP/2 effectively. You'll learn how to optimize web performance with new features like frames, multiplexing, and push. You'll also explore real-world examples on advanced topics like flow control and dependencies. With ready-to-implement tips and best practices, this practical guide is sure to get you—and your websites—up to speed!

* HTTP/2 for web developers
* Upgrading and troubleshooting
* Real-world examples and case studies
* QUIC and HTTP/3

Written for web developers and site administrators.

Barry Pollard is a professional developer with two decades of experience developing, supporting, and tuning software and infrastructure.

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    HTTP/2 in Action Comentarios

  • Eugene Safronov

    The book is relatively easy to read. Author provides weighted overview of the h2 protocol with all of it's strength and weaknesses. I found chapter 6 "Optimizing for h2" the most valuable part for me....

  • Hovhannes Gulyan

    Took me a while to finally come back and write a review. Overall I have enjoyed it a lot and can recommend it to any technical person who does doing web development or wants to understand the web bett...

  • Xanan

    The book is very well written and describes the new HTTP/2 protocol.More specifically it details how HTTP/2 differs from HTTP/1: how it redefines the protocol structure with streams and frames, priori...

  • Luiz Nunes Marques

    Great book. It starts with a basic wrap of surrounding technologies and demystify them, followed by a deep look in http/2 semantics and how they work. The chapter about HPACK is to in-depth for what t...

  • Farhad Naeem

    What a book! what an in-depth book! Loved the way the writer set the journey...

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