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Not For Use In Navigation: Thirteen Stories

Not For Use In Navigation: Thirteen Stories

The bell, the lantern, the witching hour…

A refugee arrives from elsewhere in time; a generation ship makes landfall; a vast galactic empire settles to the business of government. Tarot readers find hope in the cards; witches live through the aftermath of war; and Indian mothers think it’s high time you were married. Here are thirteen stories of love and queerness, hope and decolonisation, and the inevitability of change.

Includes a new introduction by the author and four previously unpublished folktales.

“[Iona Datt Sharma] is adept at creating entire worlds in a compact, delicately finished package, blending pure sensibility with the best bits of the magical realist movement.”
-Jeannelle M. Ferreira, author of The Covert Captain

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Acerca de Iona Datt Sharma

I'm a British-Indian writer of speculative literary fiction. My debut short story collection, NOT FOR USE IN NAVIGATION, was released in March 2019.

    Not For Use In Navigation: Thirteen Stories Comentarios

  • K.J. Charles

    Tremendous. A haunting and beautifully written collection of shorts. There's a lot of variety here (several stories set in a bleak, magical post-WW1 England that I'd love to read more about, several b...

  • Skye Kilaen

    AMAZING collection of scifi and fantasy short stories, and I'm not even a person who's drawn to short stories. I don't know how one person invents this many distinct worlds and characters in their hea...

  • Stephanie

    Iona Datt Sharma is one of my very favorite short story authors in the world, and this is her first collection of short f/sf stories for adults. I was lucky enough to get an ARC, but when Iona first s...

  • Fred Langridge

    I loved these stories. I love how quickly and gently Iona Datt Sharma pulls me into a world - and how familiar these worlds are. Each is one step away from here, in a different direction: into space; ...

  • charlotte, ( of readsrainbow)

    Rep: wlw mcs, mlm mcs, jewish mc, nonbinary character, genderfluid character, character with anxiety/depression(?), wheelchair-using character, non-white characters (Vietnamese, Indian, Black, Latina)...

  • Andrea

    Lovely stories!I love this collection! Data Sharma is a phenomenal writer, and I particularly like how hopeful and compassionate these stories are!...

  • Freya Marske

    Bittersweet, funny, devastating, thoughtful and beautiful. Iona's a friend and I will never stop yelling about their talent. This collection of stories is a perfect introduction to their knack for inn...

  • Forestofglory

    Review here:

  • Teleseparatist

    I received an e-ARC of this collection of short stories from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Before reading this collection, my familiarity with Datt Sharma's fiction was based on having...

  • IsagelCharles

    This is a remarkable collection of sff short stories. Some I had read before elsewhere, some were new to me. The ones that were rereads resonated with even more depth when revisited, the ones I read f...

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