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Once More To The Rodeo: A Memoir

Once More To The Rodeo: A Memoir

Five years into fatherhood, Calvin Hennick is plagued by self-doubt and full of questions. How can he teach his son to be a man, when his own father figures abandoned him? As a white man, what can he possibly teach his biracial son about how to live as a black man in America? And what does it even mean to be a man today, when society’s expectations of men seem to change from moment to moment?   

In search of answers, Calvin takes his young son on the road, traveling across the country to the annual rodeo in his small Iowa hometown. Along the way, a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame turns into an impromptu lesson about racism and segregation. In Niagara Falls, a day of arcade games and go-karts unexpectedly morphs into a titanic struggle between father and son. A stop in Chicago rips the scars off of old wounds. And back in Iowa, Calvin is forced to confront the most difficult question of all: What if his flaws and family history doom him to repeat the mistakes of the past?  

In this unforgettable debut memoir, Calvin Hennick holds a mirror up to both himself and modern America, in an urgent and timely story that all parents, and indeed all Americans, need to read.

Titulo:Once More To The Rodeo: A Memoir
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    Once More To The Rodeo: A Memoir Comentarios

  • Beth Hunsberger

    I received an advanced copy of this book.In his memoir, Hennick reflects on his own relationship with his father, his relationship with his son, and the differences they experience in society because ...

  • Maureen

    Not what I was expecting as there was very little about being black in America but mostly about the writer's shitty childhood. But then all memoirists had awful childhoods....

  • MGF

    This was ok, but absolutely not compelling and all a bit forced. Probably could have covered in a long form essay. Some touching parts, but not enough. Also, I counted a handful of typos which puts me...

  • Jill Martinez

    Twice abandoned Calvin wants to be a better man. He and his son take a cross country trip to his Iowa hometown where he discovers his way forward from his broken past....

  • Tracy

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinion or this review. Can we go back in time to find answers to questions left unanswered...

  • May Beasley

    Although I found the writers life interesting and this trip with his son endearing; this book was not what I was expecting to read. The book blurb on the back leads you to believe that their will be q...

  • Angela

    This book was poignant and at times heartbreaking; other times I laughed out loud. A look inside what the author is internalizing as he parents his own child(ren), as he struggles with the less than i...

  • Lisa Duffy

    A stunning exploration of family, identity and fatherhood by a gifted writer. Beautifully crafted, and at times, laugh out loud funnythis is a book worth savoring....

  • Alexander

    I found this book very fulfilling to read. Hennick is a talented writer. His sentences hum and provide momentum for the story to keep moving forward -- all you can ask from a writer. His at times brut...

  • Beverly

    Calvin Hennick is full of questions. How can he teach his son to be a man, when his own father abandoned him? As a white man, what can he possibly teach his biracial son about how to live as a black m...

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