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Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiosity

Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiosity

Lochlann Jain's debut non-fiction graphic novel, Things That Art, playfully interrogates the order of things. Toying with the relationship between words and images, Jain's whimsical compositions may seem straightforward. Upon closer inspection, however, the drawings reveal profound and startling paradoxes at the heart of how we make sense of the world.

Commentaries by architect and theorist Maria McVarish, poet and naturalist Elizabeth Bradfield, musician and English Professor Drew Daniel, and the author offer further insight into the drawings in this collection. A captivating look at the fundamental absurdities of everyday communication, Things That Art jolts us toward new forms of collation and collaboration.

Titulo:Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiosity
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    Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiosity Comentarios

  • Etienne

    A very unique kind of book/art. One page painting, all title, «Things that are...» and then a lot of little sketchy illustrations of stuff that are or aren’t. Original and kind of unique, but was ...

  • Dasha Slepenkina

    A big thank-you to NetGalley, the author, and publisher for giving me a copy of this book for an unbiased review.1.5/5 - It was okay, not my type of book. I was initially interested in this book becau...

  • Laura

    René Magritte is famous for painting a picture of a pipe that is labeled "This is not a pipe". Now you may ask how that makes sense. But, it does, because it isn't a pipe. It is a painting of a pipe,...

  • Keen

    THINGS THAT DISAPPEAR UP THEIR OWN RECTUM.This is easily one of the most ridiculous and pretentious pieces of work I have come across in a long time. Every commentary piece reads like one big wind up....

  • Esther

    Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.>What I want to say first of all is that this book made me laugh out loud. Some of the things in this...

  • Shruti Ramanujam

    What a beautiful novel!Things That Art invites the reader to be a little more curious about the world and the concepts we learn in it. I did not expect a novel of art to make me think this much!Read t...

  • Gemma

    Curious is a good word for this book.basically a collection of illustrations, slightly strange and very unique.I found it quite amusing but it wasn't really my idea of art and I found I was not as int...

  • Judi Easley

    Fascinating concept and artwork, FRC closer to release date. 3-starsThings That ArtA graphic menagerie of enchanting curiosityLochlann JainUniversity of Toronto PressSep 17, 2019, 114 pagesArt & philo...

  • Theediscerning

    One and a half stars.What does some tie dye, roadkill, and your nose have in common? They all might bleed. And here they are – formulated on tiny images and pinned to the category of 'things that bl...

  • Jason Muckley

    “Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiousity” by Lochlann Jain is a very unique “art” book. It has a way of causing the reader to reconsider common expressions and representa...

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